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Susy & Nick | Carlyle House wedding | Cherry Blossom Riverboat | Alexandria, VA

Susy and Nick were married at the beautiful, historic Carlyle House and then got on a big old boat to party the night away. A few days before their wedding, we took a quick trip to the Carlyle House to scope it out and talk logistics, and all the trees were still green and there wasn’t much going on by way of fall colors. But nature decided to kick into high gear just in time for the wedding, to create a beautiful orange backdrop and some truly wonderful colors for us to work with for portraits. Susy & Nick:


We started the day at the Hotel Monaco Alexandria. I love shooting in Monacos – they give photographers tons of texture, patterns and color to work with.


Susy’s dad was so sweet.


LeoNovember 20, 2013 - 11:11 am

Beautiful work, Amber!

Rachel & Dane | Snidow Chapel wedding | Tresca on 8th | Lynchburg, Virginia

Rachel and Dane have an incredible amount of personal style and they’re not afraid to share it with the world. I think I’m allowed to call this a gamer wedding – they rolled for advantage in saying their vows, after all. They live in Lynchburg but have friends and family from all over, so it was quite the meeting of worlds down there in Virginia (does NOVA realllly count as Virginia? Probably not.) Rachel and Dane:


We started the day at Fusion salon, which is an incredibly cool place. It was fun playing with the art and funky colors everywhere. Also, seems to me that if you work at a funky salon, there’s mad pressure to have weird hair. I wonder if that’s a burden or not.


Dane AnkerNovember 8, 2013 - 10:50 pm

Amber, these are SO GOOD! They’re crisp and clear and artfully done. They’re a wonder to look at without even considering the connection to the subject(I have an extremely strong connection to the subjects so they are Über awe-inspiring to me personally, but despite my bias these are still gems.) I love how they capture not only the wonderful moments and the people that inhabit them, but are presented in such a beautiful way. It’s a dazzling display of superior form and function.
Thanks, Amber!


Lyndsey & Chris | Georgetown engagement session | Washington, DC

Georgetown is a really great place to do engagement sessions. Every time I go, I think, “I need to shoot here more often.” Lyndsey and Chris set me straight with a romp through their old hood, following up on my always-persistent suggestion that we “shoot somewhere meaningful.” Also, don’t you wish you had curly hair?


One great thing about Georgetown is you have this preppy, pretty area right smack next to a grungy, graffitied, “urban” area, so you get two wildly different looks from the same one-hour-or-so session.


There was literally one tree low enough for me to use as a backdrop.


The sweetest graffiti artists ever left “know love!” written for us. Score.


Congratulations, you guys!