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Margaret & Scott | DC courthouse wedding

Margaret and Scott are crazy daredevil rule-breaking bad-asses. They drink champagne in public on national park property. On this particular day, they got hitched beforehand.


I’m a big fan of the new marriage ceremony room. It’s more symmetrical than the other one. Margaret and Scott scored the good one.


I don’t know them very well, but I’m pretty sure these two people are in love.


We paused on the Mall for celebratory drinks.


Congratulations, you guys!

Mohamed BoraieOctober 9, 2014 - 9:33 pm

Love it! so simple, so beautiful!

Marriage Equality in Virginia!

It’s been really amazing to watch the movement for marriage equality gather staggering momentum over the course of my career as a wedding photographer. Today, the Supreme Court, in a somewhat strange and unannounced move, decided not to decide, leaving Virginia’s ban on gay marriage overturned. State officials said marriages could go ahead as of today! It’s a great day for my state. Just a few years ago, I would have thought we’d never, ever go before it’s national. Virginia proved me wrong.

A big thank-you to Terry McAuliffe, who seemingly singlehandedly shifted the tide here when he refused to defend Virginia’s constitutional ban on gay marriage. It was an audacious move in a state that is mostly country (we can forget that here in Northern Virginia). Slow clap for that guy.

Sultana & Mark | Peirce Mill engagement session | Washington, DC

Sultana and Mark have a secret. It’s not that they’re getting married. We romped up to Peirce Mill last week for their engagement session and took a spin through Rock Creek and whatever the other creek is that runs into it. Peirce Mill is a great little spot. And no one was there because it was about to rain. The secret is this: they’re superheroes.


Their super-power? Making it not rain for exactly the amount of time we needed to do their photo shoot.


Congratulations, you guys!