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Maternity & Newborn package dealio | Documentary family photography in Arlington, Virginia

It’s all coming up babies, y’all. If you want to get your photo on about it, I have a package dealio for you! It’s the first “package” I’ve had here at AWP and since it’s gone over well with folks, I’m doing an advertising post about it. (This is the post – I am currently advertising!) One maternity session, one newborn session and one small but beautiful album for $1100. It’s my Maternity/Newborn package and it’s pretty great.


First we do an about-an-hour shoot while baby’s still cooking…


… then we’ll meet at your house and do another about-an-hour session once your tiny new person makes his/her appearance.


My style focuses on documentary storytelling – little snippets of life. Real stuff. We do some posey stuff too – a few for Grandma – but the ideal is to have some images that speak to who you are as a newly-enlarged family.

NancyDecember 9, 2014 - 9:08 am

We absolutely LOVE our maternity and newborn pictures from Amber. And working with her couldn’t be more lovely! She photographed our wedding years ago and was the first person we called when we had another life event we wanted captured. So glad we did! I think if we’d tried to take perfect baby-in-a-flower-pot pictures it would have been really stressful (our incredibly easy baby decided to scream the entire time Amber was in our apartment), but knowing that Amber was there to capture the reality of our new lives allowed us to just go with the flow… and resulted in pictures I will love forever!!

Personal: Ceramics work | A little cross-promotion | Alexandria, Virginia

In the past three months, I have made approximately five gazillion mugs. It started off with handles, see. I have been doing ceramics for about two years now, with varying degrees of intensity (mostly depending on the season). This session, I decided I needed to get square with handles. And jeesh, did I ever. In the process, I made these gazillion mugs. And I’ll be selling them! You should come buy some. You know, in case photography isn’t your thing.


Here’s the details:

My ceramics studio is hosting a Christmas show and sale this weekend. There’s a big party on Friday from 6-9 with free food and drink (if you come early), a live band and lots of other fun stuff. George and I went last year and it was actually really great. In addition, students and associates from the ceramics and jewelry departments of the school will be selling their wares. Come buy from local artisans (and people like me)! It’s at 305 Madison Street, Alexandria, VA. If you can’t make it on Friday, the sale will be going on all weekend.

A & A engagement | Bon Air Park | Arlington, VA

A & A are married and they got kids and they seem to be loving life. But they’re engaged again anyway. Cuz. It’s pretty great. And when you’re engaged, you do engagement photos, obviously. So we did. In Bon Air Park, which still had tons of fall foliage going on.


These two are so goofy and hilarious. We worked on three movie references during this photo shoot. This is The Notebook. Right?!


Not pictured: Dirty Dancing, whereby I made them go down to the creek and try to dance on a log. I underestimated the difficulty of that maneuver. You’re also missing the Reservoir Dogs take we did with the fam. I’m probably going to use it for all family sessions from now on. Also, imagine me attempting to explain how to do Reservoir Dogs without using the word “badass” (because of swearing). I always bring the awkward.

Fotografos boda ValenciaNovember 24, 2014 - 6:18 pm

These two are so sweet!! Lots of amazing images to choose from. Well done!