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Michelle & Jared | Maryland Farm Wedding from 2012

I’m honestly having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I second shot this wedding with Marcella Treybig all the way back in 2012. Especially since I think about this wedding all the time. Whenever anyone asks me about my “most memorable” wedding or the “coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” I always think of Michelle and Jared. Marcella finally told me I could blog it, and unlike all the other weddings I second-shot from years back, I actually wanted to post this one! Aaaaaaaand, at some point, I threw out all the images. Digital storage is cheap, people – don’t get rid of things just because you think you will never have a use for them again (oy).


Snowy fashion photo shoot | Arlington, VA

So in addition to being a brilliant wedding photographer, I’m also a fashion maven.



Here’s how this went: The weather people said “big storm on Tuesday!” and I got excited because it was the first real snow of the season (haha, funny that). I went on the Facebooks and posted: “HEY! We’re going to wake up to snow tomorrow. Who wants to shoot?” And from there, somehow a little fun in the snow ballooned into a quite massive undertaking complete with event planner, hair and makeup artist, videographer and two models!


It ended up being way snowier and colder than was predicted, so the roads were a big mess. Luckily for me, we planned to meet at my house. Unluckily for everyone else, we didn’t plan to meet at theirs. Poor Gabby from Alison Harper & Co. got stuck in the snow and we had to come rescue her!

Mardi Gras portraits! | 2014 flashback

Do you all remember how I went to Mardi Gras last year and took a bunch of photos? Well I’m headed back again this year and ready to rock again. And this time, I’d love to work with anyone who needs some portrait action down there. Little kids all dressed up in homemade costumes for the parades? Let’s do a little family session! Your krewe needs a refresh for the webpage? I’m there. Engaged and want to capture some of the city you love? I’m on it!


I’ll be in NOLA from February 14 through the 21st, so we’ve got plenty of post-Tuesday time for photos. Drop me a line to amber at amberwilkie.com to set up a time! Furthermore, I got to march with Tucks last year and it was *super rad*. If you need some photos of your parade, hit that email up there.

Villa DeliaFebruary 12, 2015 - 3:07 pm

Aha, great photojournalist captured!