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Sarah & Jordan | Josephine Butler Parks Center wedding | Washington, DC

Sarah and Jordan were married at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and held their rollicking reception at the Josephine Butler Parks Center. Many of my clients are incredibly laid-back people, rolling with the inevitable wedding-day punches. Sarah and Jordan faced more than their share of obstacles at their wedding, but weathered all of it with an incredible calm and grace. Plus, they managed to be completely fun and cuddly for their portraits and then partied hard all night. Sarah and Jordan:


They got ready at the Grand Hyatt downtown.


Thanks, as always, to my brilliant second Julia.


A preview of what was to come.


All of the spaces at the Grand Hyatt that were more beautiful were much more crowded and logistically, it’s just easier to do it where you are, rather than try to finagle a “prettier” first look somewhere farther away. So I arranged them in front of the elevator banks.

Becky HadeedMay 30, 2014 - 1:50 am

that last one?… please, please put that in your best of 2014 round-up :-)

Sue MosherMay 30, 2014 - 10:29 pm

The handbag with the wine bottle going home with a guest. The little girl bored in church. And the “first look” reminded me of a Peeps diorama: All the flowerpots on the different floors looked like Peeps with hats; I almost had to squint to get it to enlarge to people-scale.

Emilie & Dennis | Annapolis courthouse wedding | William Paca House and Gardens | U.S. Naval Academy

Emilie and Dennis were married at the Annapolis Courthouse, after a rollicking morning stomping through the U.S. Naval Academy and the beautiful William Paca House and Gardens. We watched the weather all week, becoming increasingly anxious about the predicted heavy rain and thunderstorms. But then overnight, the skies cleared and the rain quit at the very moment we planned to meet up! Pretty good luck for these two.


Emilie made this dress. As in, from scratch. With her hands and a sewing machine.


The William Paca gardens are really beautiful, and they’re right in the middle of all the Annapolis action. They feel quite “secret.”


They have some goofy relatives! I said “okay, let’s do a siblings hug.” Emilie says they don’t really go in for that much; they’re more like this:


Leah & Mike | Silverbrook Farm wedding | Purcellville, Virginia

Leah and Mike were married at the outrageously beautiful and quaint Silverbrook Farm out in the Virginia countryside. They put heaps and heaps of effort into making the place their own and showing their guests a great time – from lawn games and pre-ceremony snacks to meticulously collecting vintage dessert plates. It was quite an occasion. And their guests rose to the challenge, busting it on a mad dance floor. Leah and Mike:


As always, Julia did a fantastic job.


Leah and Mike planned plenty of time for me to take them to the barn and back, scooping up all the little scenes and cutesty bits around the property.


We made ample use of this window.


Look at these classy people.


They provided lawn games and snacks for their guests to enjoy before the ceremony…