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Naples, beach

Traveling for work for the first time in a while (by plane, anyway), I find myself at a beautiful almost-seaside resort in Naples, Florida.  Unlike the many, many other beach resorts I’ve visited (I jest), this one isn’t right on the beach.  Instead, there is a .6 mile walk on an immaculately-maintained boardwalk through a mangrove… grove.  This is not a problem.  What could be a problem is this:

do not feed alligators

Or this:

macro of crazy spider thing

Seriously, what the hell?  That is a spider with spikes!  Is that even allowed?

I braved the dangers anyway, and here’s some of what I saw.

couple walking on boardwalk

leaves backlit

FYI, I’m counting this as my Photo 11 assignment for now.  If I get something better with water in the next week, I’ll update.

pelican in a sea of blue

tram going down boardwalk in mangrove forest

The boardwalk led to a pristine and very quiet beach.  No big waves in the Gulf so it’s more of a gentle lapping.  Peaceful, really.

Upcoming: Florida, no pain

Hi folks.  I know it’s been slow around here lately.  After my drive back from Norfolk last week, my tooth that had been bothering me a bit took a serious turn for the worst, dragging me down root canal lane.  Things aren’t exactly fixed over here, but I did see a professional and I’m actually not in pain.  If you have ever had a toothache, you know that it is damn near impossible to do anything until the pain goes away.  That includes photography.

But, happily, that pain is now gone and my shutter finger is itching bad!  Thankfully, I’m getting on a plane tonight to go see my parents in Florida and then sit through four days of meetings.  Over the next few days you should see: my parents, the ocean, possibly a band, Norman Love chocolates and whatever else dopey old Florida has to offer.

President’s Park, Bass Pro Shops & a stranger

My travels this week took me down to Norfolk, VA.  I go there a couple of times a year to photograph some of the ships in the area.  On the way back, I tried to stop at a place called President’s Park – an amazing little attraction with massive presidents’ heads.  I was dismayed to learn that the park apparently had to shut down for financial reasons.  It would be a very short fence to hop and go in, though… perhaps on a subsequent (warmer) trip, I will do a little trespassing.  In the meantime, I snagged some photos from beyond the fence.





I also stopped in the Bass Pro Shops on my drive up.  That place never fails to amuse and amaze me.  They have a waterfall inside that flows into a giant aquarium.

fish in an aquarium in black and white

fish swimming among a bunch of other fishes