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Amber & Food | Chiles Rellenos

Chile rellenos are amazing, delicious things. But boy are they a pain in the butt to make!  I always forget how time-consuming and annoying they are because I am blinded by the results.  And honestly, I don’t know how people manage to bread and fry them and keep them held together.  I can’t keep them together just sitting in a pan.

And naturally, as is my way, I forgot to take the after picture until I had already scarfed down an entire chile, so you’ll just have to settle for 3/4 of the end product:

final product - chiles stuffed with cheese, bacon

Neither did I take any along-the-way photos, so here’s what they looked like pre-melting:

chile rellenos - stuffed peppers uncooked

So without further ado, Chiles Rellenos Amber style:

You’ll need:

  • Poblano chiles
  • Your choice of (preferably white) cheese – I used sharp cheddar, which is not traditional, but worked fine.  Really any kind of cheese will do.  Never tried blue but it might work.

Stuff I love | Lucky Straps

I was photographing some products for a friend and so decided to throw my absolute favorite camera accessory on the setup.  These are Lucky Straps, the product of an amazing little Etsy store (how much I love Etsy is a completely separate “stuff I love” post).  This is not a camera strap cover – it’s an entirely new strap that adds an enormous amount of attitude to a camera.  The little jewely things you see there snap onto matching bits that you attach to the camera itself, allowing you to quickly remove the strap if you are doing portraits for, say, your conservative grandmother.

pink camera strap with skulls

Look at these owls!!  These are wrist straps.  I usually wrap my camera strap around my wrist anyway so wanted to try out these little guys.  I found there is too much strap between the wrist holder to make me feel really secure in holding the camera, but they might work great for you.  Plus, they are endlessly adorable.

Paige Elizabeth LittleMarch 2, 2013 - 6:54 pm

She closed down I think :(
Can’t find her etsy anywhere!

On Teeth & Trust

I’m very happy today because it’s the first time in five months that I can eat on both sides of my mouth.  I got my permanent crown in after what seems like endless dentist visits and drilling, not to mention the beginning of this journey that started with soul-crushing pain.  See that shadow on the far right tooth?  That’s not supposed to be there.  But now, I can rest and eat easy and it’s smooth sailing in toothland… until the next disaster.