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Katie & Jessica: Married! | The Barns at Wolf Trap | Vienna

I’m so pleased to share with you Katie and Jessica’s beautiful wedding from Wolf Trap.  The fabulous Kelly Prizel had me out to second shoot and – joy of joys – even let me tag along for the portraits, so I have couple pictures to show you!  This wedding was unpretentious and poignant, with plenty of tears and lots of laughter.  And a breakfast buffet.  It was all kinds of rock.

brides in the woods

Katie and Jessica opted for a “first look” before their ceremony.  Wolf Trap offered lovely little woods for them.

first look in the woods

This was too cute.  As Katie was walking up, Jessica turned around.  Kelly teased her not to look, so she turned back around like she hadn’t seen.

first look bridal portraits

brides have their first look before ceremony

kids before the wedding ceremony

mother and father of the bride walk her down the aisle

here comes the bride

The ceremony was done in a really unique circular pattern.  Challenging to photograph, but it was obvious that family involvement was a big priority for the brides.

So you say you’re engaged?

Folks, I want to shoot at the county fair.  I have a vision of a couple – you and your fiance, perhaps – all dolled up in something cute and appropriate, eating cotton candy, playing whack-a-mole, kissing dramatically in front of a swirling ferris wheel.  This vision in my head is *awesome*.  I don’t have a sample image to post because I have never done this before!  And that’s why I need your help.  I’m offering a very short-term opportunity, for tonight through Friday night, for an engagement or other couple portrait session at the Arlington county fair.  You’ll have to write for more details, but in short, it’s going to be worth your while.  If you are engaged or know someone who is and who want to try out this quirky spot, please pass me along!