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I keep meaning to do a robust write-up on the little diet experiment I’ve been doing over the last two months or so.  But it’s becoming clear that I’m either too lazy, busy or inept (or all three) to do that, so instead I’m just going to throw this blog post together and hope it’s useful to someone.  Before I get into any specifics, I’ll just go ahead and bold my conclusions: Low-carb diets work and they are not hard.

I’m a very logical, data-oriented person, so I wanted to track all of this for myself.  I am floored by the clarity of my results and have impressed those I’ve shown these charts, so I’m going to put them here on my decidedly not-diet-related blog.  First, we have a chart showing my daily calorie and carbohydrate intake.  There’s a crazy, surreal spike on the left side of the chart because I was trying this whacky Tim Ferris Four Hour Body thing.  It required one massive binging day and I really, really went for it.  I also did not lose any weight on that diet, as you will see.  The last week I haven’t been very good about tracking and that’s why everything is so low there on the last dot.

Claudia & Eddie: Married! | Dahlgren Chapel, Georgetown

I had the immense pleasure of photographing Claudia and Eddie’s wedding with Cassidy DuHon at the beautiful Dahlgren Chapel on the Georgetown University campus. Claudia was maybe a little anxious before she saw her groom, but that instantly melted away after their first look.

wedding party with linen suits, green ties and purple dresses

wedding ring set with peacock feathers

wedding veil detail

It was really fun photographing Claudia and her ladies get ready in her mother’s house. Everybody’s stuff was all over and it was kind of like a slumber party, but with big purple dresses.

mother and godmother of the bride

I was basically obsessed with Claudia’s maid of honor’s tattoos.

bride getting ready

bride getting ready in her home

thermometer with wedding veil

father of the bride gets into the car


woman applying nail polish for wedding

I almost didn’t notice how cool the picture on the right is – I managed to get the groomsman’s hands framed in his sunglasses – total accident (but I’m completely going to go for this in the future)!

yellow boutennieres reflected in glasses