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Seattle | Days 3-5

I’m still super-digging Seattle.  I’ve seen a bit more of the city and even the slightly further-out areas seem interesting and cool.  I’ve eaten a ton more delicious food and plan to spend my last day here wandering around the city.  But wanted to hop on here and share a few more images from my travels thus far.

First up – a handful of scenes from the Underground Tour.  Of all the tourist options available, I was glad my colleagues chose this one.  I’m not much for riding a giant “duck” around.

sign from underground tour, seattle

underground tour stuff diptych

The St. James Cathedral on Capitol Hill was pretty cool and had these massive yellow and red streamers flowing from the central skylight.  We later learned that these represent fire – in your soul or something.  I’m not big on Catholic lore either.

virgin mary in the st. james cathedral

ribbon flames at the st. james cathedral, seattle

Katie & Mark: Married! | Rodes Farm Stables | Charlottesville

This. wedding. was. awesome.  It was very, very cool to be able to second for Sam Hurd at Katie and Mark’s wedding at the Rodes Farm Stables down in Nellysford, VA, near Charlottesville.  Katie and Mark were super chill the whole day, even when it periodically stormed like crazy and threatened to send the whole thing indoors.  Their wedding was sweet, simple and pretty much my ideal wedding to photograph.

wedding photographer Amber Wilkie

As always, the second shooter gets to spend a lot of time with the guys.  I always love hanging with the dudes but Mark was so chill and his friends were so cool, I hardly wondered what the girls were up to.  Plus, we had this fatty screened-in balcony to hang out on.  It was pretty sweet.

groom sitting on porch in nellysford, va

horses at rodes farm stables in nellysford

groom triptych with lord of the flies

This little kid was pretty awesome.  He dominated the guys-hanging-out time, which seemed to suit everyone just fine.  He was also really into bugs.

SarahJune 23, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Beautiful wedding, beautiful photos!

My favorite kind of light

feet on window sill, backlitI’m going to have the most beautiful wedding to show you tomorrow, but wanted to elaborate on a scene from yesterday.  I had my feet up on the window sill in my hotel room here in Seattle (editing said wedding) and noticed the lovely light.

This is my absolute favorite kind of light to shoot in: backlighting.  Now if you’re not a photographer, you probably think it’s kinda silly to have a favorite light.  But I bet your photographer friends (and mine) have a favorite light, too.

What I love about backlighting is that it creates this wonderful bright rim around the subject (here, my feet) that makes it stand out from the background.  This is especially effective if the subject is in front of something dark, like in the first photo below of Sarah and Scott.