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San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park

You heard me right – they changed the name.  What was once the Wild Animal Park is now the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park.  These kind of changes always baffle me.  There’s nothing wrong with the previous title and it’s how everyone knows the place.  But a chat about branding should take place somewhere off this blog, where I have chosen for my business name … my name.

Anyway, the park is still really awesome, name change or no.  I remembered it from my childhood as being way better than the zoo, and it still pretty much is.  Aside from the normal animal exhibits, you also get to ride around in a tram and look at the animals in their “natural habitat” doing animaly things and suchlike.  The best photo stuff happened at the lion area, so I’ll show you that first.

lion at the san diego wild animal park in black and white


I’m not gonna lie, Zody and I had a difference of opinion.  He thought my entire life’s energy should be spent hanging out with him, and so wanted to make sure I knew he was being ignored.  He did so with incredibly loud, high-pitched yelps.  He had this difference of opinion with everyone in the house.  See, we were deliberately ignoring him because he is a dog.  Now I’m a dog person.  I love dogs.  I love all dogs everywhere – ugly dogs, stinky dogs, little dogs, big dogs, hairy dogs, naked dogs – dogs dogs dogs.  I love them.  But me and Zody, we just didn’t see eye-to-eye.  I’m sorry to say I was not a Zody fan.

But I did go with my dad to walk him a couple times while I was at his house.  I took my camera along, too.

Tuesday on the web

They say the light in Southern California is different than the light anywhere else.  No one is ever very descriptive about this.  When you’re walking around, it’s very subtle, hard to notice.  I think it might have something to do with the very thin cloud cover that hangs around near the ocean.  Or maybe it’s the fact that very few parts of Southern California are built up, letting in tons of light between and around buildings.  In any case, I have to say that it does seem the light is different.  I noticed it a lot in Balboa Park and you can also see below.

Alas, I have returned to the land of frigid temperatures.  “Feels like 8*” is not something I enjoy waking up to.  Please bring some warmer temps for my anniversary trip!

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