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Tuesday on the web

It’s winter.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I’m not a cold weather person.  Summer is my glory time – long days, lots of light and a photo frenzy.  In the winter, it’s much harder for me to get motivated, get outside and shoot something.  On the very much plus side, I noticed last night that it wasn’t dark as I drove home.  That means the days are getting noticeably longer and light is coming back into our lives!

My image for you this week is my first-ever thrift/garage sale triumph.  Oh yes, I’ve bought tons and tons of stuff at secondhand sources that I wear or use all the time.  Fully half my wardrobe is thrift, if not more.  But this one particular necklace pictured below I bought for $10, along with a bunch of other stuff at a garage sale, and sold this week on eBay for $160.  Hooray!  And now, linkage.

Samuel Beckett’s is open! | Arlington event photographer

Today was the grand opening of Shirlington’s newest restaurant: Samuel Beckett’s Irish Gastropub.  I meant to take photos of the brilliant fire-engine-red (my favorite shade of red) facade, but it was so freakin’ cold out tonight, I just couldn’t bare to be outside one second longer than necessary.

The opening was jam-packed, but the place is so big we were seated fairly quickly.  But not before grabbing the house ale, which was really really good.  I think I’ve passed my beer-drinking peak.  Now I just want a solid, tasty brew with not too much bitterness.  Their house ale hit the spot.

high class porters

And I have to say, the decor in the place is rockin’.  They have some kind of gold distressed paint on a lot of things, and it looks really cool.  I also really dug the wraparound bar.  That’s Samuel Beckett in the middle there.  I swear the entire time this place has been under construction, I thought Samuel Beckett was just some generic Irish name.  No, it’s that Samuel Beckett, you know, the one who wrote Waiting for Godot. Shoot.

LE Week One – a self-portrait and a mission statement

This week, Lighting Essentials asks us to do some self-reflecting about photography:

What do you want to do photographically? Tell us with a single paragraph what you want to be able to do with your images. Tell us what you do without telling us you are a photographer. Accompany that message with a single image taken around your home. Inside or out, make a photograph that adds insight into the mission statement you will be writing.

Here is my submission:

I want to help people to see the beauty in themselves, particularly if they normally have a hard time seeing it.  I want to create images that perfectly capture who someone is and how they were feeling at that precise moment, to capture their very essence on film.  I want to delight and inspire.

unguarded self-portrait