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Temptation Horse Farm | Bowie, MD

A very gracious local photographer invited me out to his camera club‘s meetup yesterday in Bowie, MD at the beautiful and expansive Temptation Horse Farm.  I’d never photographed horses, but I’m always up for a new adventure, particularly one that involves photography.  It turned out to be a seriously amazing opportunity to photograph something I normally have no access to.  I spent the afternoon in the cold and quiet winter sun, photographing beautiful horses and their riders.  A big thank you to the club for letting me come out and join in the fun and learning!

Folly and Elizabeth (little)

little girl riding a horse

Inspired and Fair Storm "Diesel and Storm"

Katie on Hornbeam "Spooky"

horse and rider in a field

Emily with Suddenly Single "Lyric"

girl feeding her horse

L and R Katie with Hornbeam "Spooky"

girl riding a horse in a field

L and R Erin with Rave Review "Rave"

black and white with horse

Elizabeth (big) with Finnegan

coming back to the stables in black and white

If you are one of the riders from Temptation Farm and you’re wondering if I had other photos of horses and/or riders, the answer is yes.  Please drop me a line and describe what you were wearing and I’ll rustle something up for you!

MCP Week 2/52 – Self-portraits

I’ve talked about the windows in my apartment before, and I probably will again.  They are fantastic.  After this maybe 5 minute self-portrait session on my bed, I’m very much thinking about doing some boudoir right here in my home.  Is anyone interested in boudoir photography?  First serious person will be my guinea pig in this space and won’t have to pay.  Everyone else will have to make it rain.

I think I’d be really, really good at boudoir.  I’m not scared around nekkid people and I’ve always been fascinated by sexuality.  I secretly think it might be my destiny.  Anyway, I shot these for MCP Actions’ 52 Week project.    The theme was “illustrate a song” and I have had Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” in my head all week.  I ended up making a diptych, which you don’t see here because I used the full images alone.

self-portrait on my bed

From the streets to the train: DC Metro photography

I had twenty minutes or so to kill before it was time for me to meet up with some friends in Dupont (congratulations to Sara on the promotion!).  Of everywhere in the city – Gallery Place, Georgetown, monuments, Smithsonian – there is one place that always has a photo waiting to happen.  That place is the DC Metro.  I can always tell when I’m in a creative rut by going to the metro.  If I can’t find anything I want to take a picture of, it is decidedly rut time.  Fortunately, that same place can also pull me out of said rut.  It is so easy to be intrigued and inspired by the scenes underground.  A few from yesterday:

lady sleeping on the dc metro

guy checking his ipod on the dc metro

underneath dude

guy looking really spaced out on the metro

lady reading a paper waiting for her train

lady looking bored on the train

three people looking different ways on the dc metro