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Hot Cocoa and things to come

Here’s some hot cocoa to warm your winter.  The best way to drink cocoa is to add one or two ice cubes after you first put in the hot water.  This allows you to sip immediately.  Make sure the ice cube is close to your lips and then suck a little bit of the cocoa up.  You get warm but not steaming delicious cocoa and a lovely little cool water.  It’s really nice – try it!

3/12 Books: Infinite Jest

infinite jestOh Infinite Jest.  At its 1079 pages, including extensive (and mandatory) footnotes, it is by far the longest book I can discuss with any of my friends.  In fact, I could theoretically discuss this book with no fewer than four of my friends, with a fifth soon to follow (Hi E!  Don’t worry, no spoilers).  And yet… and yet…

Let me begin by saying that the book is highly engaging.  While there were short periods where I thought I would not want to finish, most of the time the various story lines kept me fully interested.  It takes a long time to read a 1k-page book, so it doesn’t bother me that I was at Infinite Jest for over two months.

Let me also say that David Foster Wallace was an immensely talented writer.  I say this with some authority because I took AP English.  Anyone that’s gone through that gauntlet of reading has the right to give an unqualified statement about someone’s writing ability.

[...] for those who managed to get through it.” I’ll be interested to see the feedback this review receives, especially amongst the DFW aficionados participating in the 12 Books [...]

Tuesday on the Web

Just another sunset for you here.  And then below, a quick shot of my new bento box!  George got it for me for Christmas and I’m just getting around to using it now.  The truth is, I love compartmentalization.  It is one of my great loves, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  The fact that everything in that box has its own little room brings me joy – actual joy.  So I thought I’d share.  Now, on to the links!

On the Web

Every week I save my favorite links from around the internet and present them here on Tuesday.  Lots of linkage for you this week – and good stuff, too!