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Stuff I Love: The last kernel to pop

This is sure to give far too much insight into my neurotic tendencies, but here it is.  When I’m making popcorn and the time goes off and the light turns off in the little hot box of popcorn goodness, I always always wait for one last kernel to pop.  I love that one last kernel often gets there through inertia.  Sometimes it even takes a few seconds.  But if you wait – if you just wait – normally you’ll get that satisfying final pop.  It is a beautiful thing.


Tuesday on the web

It’s winter.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I’m not a cold weather person.  Summer is my glory time – long days, lots of light and a photo frenzy.  In the winter, it’s much harder for me to get motivated, get outside and shoot something.  On the very much plus side, I noticed last night that it wasn’t dark as I drove home.  That means the days are getting noticeably longer and light is coming back into our lives!

My image for you this week is my first-ever thrift/garage sale triumph.  Oh yes, I’ve bought tons and tons of stuff at secondhand sources that I wear or use all the time.  Fully half my wardrobe is thrift, if not more.  But this one particular necklace pictured below I bought for $10, along with a bunch of other stuff at a garage sale, and sold this week on eBay for $160.  Hooray!  And now, linkage.