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Stuff I Love: the library

The public library.  It is so awesome it’s almost unbelievable.  I won’t spend much time selling you on the reasons to visit a library.  If you’re anything like me, you’re already well versed.  If you’re not anything like me, you’re probably not reading my blog!  I’ll just tell you my all-time favorite library feature: holds.

If you are a card-carrying member of the Arlington system, you can put something like 75 books on hold at once.  Then they magically come from libraries throughout the system right to the library most convenient to you.  I like to put bestselling books, DVDs, popular nonfiction, etc. on my list – books that aren’t available now.  And then when they come available, it is like a present.  You never know when they’re coming, but they are!  Here’s George at Central – the biggest library in the Arlington system.

handsome guy at the library

Fall colors are so overrated

Yes things are turning from yellow/purple/pink/white to green-green-green, but I love the last stragglers that scream purple for just a couple extra weeks before giving up the ghost.

I grew up in California and we don’t get blossoming trees.  Period.  Trees are always green and sometimes drop a few brown leaves, but mostly stay chipper all year.  I had heard all about “fall colors” growing up, but no one ever raves about the Spring blooms.  Why?  Sorry but in my book, these trump.  A bit of the last of it until next year…

Beautiful E | Arlington boudoir photographer

People that run marathons are awesome.  As a complete non-runner myself, I am always amazed that anyone can make it over a mile without giving up and getting an ice cream.  Well, the day after our boudoir shoot, E went and ran the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler.  Now she’s training to do a full marathon (I think), so you can imagine that she’s fixing to get even hotter.  It’s too bad for all the other men in the world that she’s already taken.

Arlington boudoir photographer Amber Wilkie

Do I have to repeat myself?  Taken.

beautiful woman in green dress

sexy lady unzipping dress

taking off dress for boudoir session

confident, sexy boudoir shoot

black and white of beautiful woman

pretty lady in black slip

leopard print and velvet boustier

pretty lady on bed for boudoir session

outrageously hot woman on red silk sheets

If you’d like to get your sexy on during your own boudoir session, drop me a line and tell me what you have in mind!