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Janet & Michael: Married! | McLean, VA

The fantastic Cassidy DuHon had me out to second shoot Janet and Michael’s relaxed, intimate wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Tyson’s Corner.

bride and groom light ceremony candles

I loved how they incorporated their children into the ceremony, with a beautiful candle-lighting symbolizing everyone coming together.  It is the fate of the second shooter to hang with the groom but I don’t mind – I love the groom.  For instance, as soon as we stepped outside to take some portraits, Michael lit up an awesome pipe!  Finally, the kids at this wedding were fantastic.  Check the guy working on the kid mafia and the world’s happiest baby.  As far as I can tell, babies love cameras.  Good times with this laid-back couple.

all the ladies at the salon with bride

zoe salon stylist working on the bride

Check out this sweet tattoo.

love tattoo

And all the lovely ladies at Zoe Salon in the mall.

ladies getting their hair done at zoe salon

bride and daughter at salon

wedding dress and perfume

wedding photographer BristolFebruary 20, 2011 - 8:05 am

Nice set of images , I love the relaxed look , but nicer than so much posed stuff!



Over the weekend, I went to the Newseum here in Washington, DC.  We bought the Groupon ages ago and it was the last weekend to use it.  The Groupon line was impressively long, all day.  But my fascination with “social buying” is best espoused elsewhere.  In any case, the museum was great.  My two favorite exhibits were the temporary Katrina one – obviously a subject close to my heart – and the 9/11 exhibit.  Black and white photos below are reflections from the 9/11 one.  But first, two of my favorite guys:

george and colin at the newseum, washington dc

9/11 exhibit at the newseum

9/11 exhibit in washington dc

Stuff I Love: Typography

Okay, first of all – congratulations to Egyptians!!  What an exciting, amazing day!

Now then, typography.  I love typography.  I don’t know what exactly it is, but something about the beautiful combination of words and decoration.  I’ve always been a bit obsessed with typography – ever since I started designing websites in middle school (oh yes, I was that girl).  Dafont continues to be the place to get free fonts for use in your personal projects.  I’m sure I walk on a less-than-personal line here with a business blog and all, but I throw enough worthless personal crap on here that I think I’m still okay.  I’ve got some examples of the awesomeness that is typography below.  Click the text to go that font on Dafont.  Most of them are free for personal use.

Man, I love typography!  And now, back to your scheduled programming.