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Wiffle Ball on the National Mall

Sometimes it feels like college again.  Like when your friends and their friends and their friends all get together on the National Mall and play wiffle ball.  And then you go play beer pong in a basement.  It’s not quite like college, though, because now there are married people.  And babies.

Just a few from a recent outing.  These are good people.  Colin and Sara:

one of my favorite couples ever - in black and white

George and John:

George and John doing the wiffle ball thing

John waits for a good pitch


playing wiffle ball on the national mall

And here’s Sai, proving that sometimes it is better to be behind the camera.

sai plays wiffle ball

sai hits the ball

And, like I said, there were babies.  Okay, one baby.  But a baby cute enough to equal the attention-grabbingness of four babies.

little baby in a tulane hat


I never think of myself as an early riser, but George does.  On the weekends, he can be out until 10 o’clock, snoring away over there.  I’m up at a cheery 7:30, just like every other day of the week.  That seems normal to me, and it doesn’t feel good to sleep more than that.  Sometimes, I steal a photo of him.

George sleeping

That’s my man, doing his thing.  How freakin’ cute is his cowlick?