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Cherry Blossoms | Washington, DC Wedding Photographer

When I heard it was going to snow on the cherry blossoms, which only bloom for a little bit of time each year (and generally long after it’s stopped snowing), I got very, very excited.  When I couldn’t convince any of my friends or clients to get out this morning, I decided to go myself.  Sometimes you have to be your own bride.

Arlington wedding photographer

In the end, I was glad I couldn’t talk anyone into it because the one inch we were supposed to get was far closer to a dusting and had melted off by the time we got down there at 9am.  My vision was dashed and the sun was out – not what I had in mind!  But since we were out there in our wedding gear, we decided to go for it anyway.

Douglas PettwayMarch 27, 2011 - 9:08 pm

these are fantastic. love, love, love the B&W’s!

RehanMarch 28, 2011 - 5:38 pm

You are the only person I know who can rock a D80 like D3. Awesome work.


There is nothing that picks up my mood faster than puppies.  So I thought I’d leave y’all with a little doggie love here as I run off to second shoot a wedding.  Enjoy your Saturday!

doggies at the dog park

And one more thing that always cheers *me* up…