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Mengci & Fan | Fairfax Courthouse wedding | Virginia

Mengci and Fan took me to a new courthouse : Fairfax. They’re very serious about the no-camera policy (except the ones on our phones – those are cool) but they more than make up for it with their choice of outdoor location – you can get married right in their beautiful, flower-filled courtyard! So that’s what Mengci and Fan did, obviously, spurning the ever-ready conference-room action. An enormous troupe of friends joined them for their nuptials, in-between classes.


Right next door to the modern thing is the historic courthouse with all manner of lovely arches to play with.


And we hopped over to a lovely little park nearby for some woodsy action. Out there in the boonies, you can do that – the woods are literally all around.


I got like 10 mosquito bites in the course of six minutes.


Jade, Paul & Baby A | Newborn photographer | Arlington, VA

Baby A is enormous, guys. This is a newborn shoot, I promise. Jade was still working on him last time I saw them, but he’s arrived and he’s pretty great. I’m pretty well convinced that a “newborn” shoot should actually take place a month or more in – Baby A can smile and giggle and squirm and he’s cute as hell.


Babies are funny.


Congratulations again, you guys. Take care of that enormous baby.

Nancy & Ilan | Mount Pleasant Maternity Photos | Washington, DC

It’s all coming up babies, y’all. Nancy and Ilan, following a killer wedding, decided to get down on child-raising and had me over to document a piece of this time. They’ve lived in Mount Pleasant since even before they knew each other, so it was the perfect spot to do some maternity photos and show Baby Nancy&Ilan what their mom and dad’s ‘hood was like growing up.


I have something of a history photographing Nancy and Ilan in alleyways. Or they have something of a history of doing important life milestones near alleyways.


We stopped by the world’s most adorable market. For the record, they actually shop there.


They still make lots of funny faces and mostly just giggle when I give them “romantic” cues.


Congratulations, you guys!