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Brooke & Dan | URJ Kutz Camp wedding | Warwick, NY

For all big events I photograph, I send out a day-of questionnaire with things like “which family formal groupings do you want?” and “who is your caterer?” Here’s an excerpt from Brooke and Dan’s questionnaire, in the list-your-vendors section: “Videographer? nope. Florist? nope. Any other decoration people? nope. Hair and makeup? nope. Other vendors? nope.” My kinda people. They tied the knot on a spectacular late-summer day at URJ Kutz Camp, where Dan went as a kid.


Their tiny little dog Julia followed them around all day.


Big thank-you to Chris who came along for the ride. The image below is his and I threw a couple others in here.


They walked to the chuppah simultaneously.


Apparently the trees with all the knobs and things on them are diseased or injured or some other tree malady. I was sad to learn this because they are so awesome-looking. It seems wrong to be jazzed about a tree being sick.

Rebekah & Nathan | Old Town Alexandria intimate wedding | Virginia

Rebekah and Nathan have known each other for about 8 million years. And their dog is famous.


These two got hitched in a lawyer’s office in Old Town. It was short and sweet.


Then we hit the town, portrait-style.


A little bit of this…


…but mostly this.


The closest thing to “industrial” and “graffiti-covered” Old Town can muster for some weirdness. It’s a pretty place filled with beautiful old bricks and cobblestones – can’t complain!


Congratulations you guys!

Tanya & Tushar | Riverside on the Potomac Indian wedding | Leesburg, VA

Tanya and Tushar got all kinds of married out at Riverside on the Potomac. One ceremony couldn’t contain their massive amount of awesome, so they had two. This thing was boisterous, joyous and mad, mad fun. In addition, we had all the weathers and a crazy beautiful country setting with actual barn for partying. In short, it was really great. Tanya and Tushar:


(Preface: I am posting way, way, way too many photos. But there was so much going on! And everything was so colorful and pretty! And these two and their friends and families had so much fun! Forgive me. There was a lot to photograph.)

They started long before me, but I joined the fun the night before for their amazing Sangeet. So many of their friends and family participated in an outpouring of talent and love. They filled the Dulles Airport Marriott with purple and laughter.