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Photobooth fun!

So earlier this year, I introduced photobooths into my offerings and they have been a huge hit. As soon as I get 100 of my closest friends and family together, I’ll be setting one up for myself. Until then, I get to live vicariously through the hilarious messages, drunken antics and adorable kid action at my clients’ weddings.

From Liz & Zach’s wedding:


From Miriam & R.J.’s wedding:


And, you know, obviously the photographers are going to get into the mix too.


And then Kate & Daniel’s wedding, where I was really glad they snagged the free photobooth, because I learned that day that the photobooth must be indoors. It was so windy at their wedding, my backdrop kept blowing over, and I had to tie my lights quite forcefully to one of the poles holding up their tent. No matter, they had a pretty solid backdrop anyway.

IAQ #3: Do you take posed family portraits?

[This post is part of a (short) ongoing series of me answering questions I get on a semi-regular basis in client emails and meetings - stuff not everybody asks but is useful for potential clients to know.]

I get this question all the time, so boo on me for not doing this post sooner. When I blog, I like to show my favorite images, without putting anything too personal on the internet. Very rarely does this include posed family portraits. They’re intimate in a way that other things are not. And, frankly, they’re boring for everyone who’s not in them. However, it’s very important to me that potential clients know I both value these images and strive to make them as pretty, classic and straightforward as possible.

Paige & J.J. | Washington, DC intimate wedding | U.S. Capitol & Library of Congress

Paige and J.J. were married last week at one of the most beautiful places in D.C. With a view of the Capitol during their ceremony and the Library of Congress as backdrop for a few portraits, they tied the knot intimate-style.

wedding portraits at the library of congresswedding photography at the u.s. capitolintimate wedding at the u.s. capitol

Check out Paige’s banging southern-style hat!

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Congratulations you guys!