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Talesha & Mike | Rockwood Manor Wedding | Potomac, MD

Talesha and Mike brought down the manor (get it?) at their beautiful wedding at Rockwood Manor, complete with incredibly sweet mothers, happy tears and everybody boogeyin’ down on the dance floor. These two have such a subtle, easygoing, generous spirit. It was really a pleasure to document their day.


We started the day at the Hilton Garden Inn Bethesda for hair and makeup and plenty of laughs.


Then we scooted to Rockwood Manor to get Talesha into her beautiful dress.


Go time at the gorgeous patio behind Rockwood. Everybody processed from the stairs.


Mike totally held it together.


Words of wisdom from their officiant.


I love Mike’s cousin on the end there, totally not keeping it together.


Talesha and Mike hired a wonderful vocalist to perform during their ceremony and for their first dance.

ayeshaSeptember 26, 2013 - 10:25 am

so much love!!! what a gorgeous bride with a gorgeous smile!

ShaunéSeptember 29, 2013 - 10:50 pm

Pleasure meeting you Amber and beautiful job capturing Talesha and Mike’s day!

A wedding photographer’s wish-list and my ideal wedding conditions

Every wedding photographer has a wish-list, whether they’ve got it written down or just in the back of their heads. For instance, my buddy Maggie wants nothing more than to photograph a circus wedding – with a striped tent and performers and all that good stuff. That sounds awesome to me, but it wouldn’t make the list. But before I give people having their wedding at hotels or golf courses or vineyards a big sad, I thought I’d instead muse on my favorite wedding things.

My ideal wedding conditions

I get asked this question a lot, so maybe it should instead be an Infrequently Asked Question. Potential clients ask me about my ideal wedding conditions. They think I’m going to say something like good weather, outdoors, sunset ceremony, beautiful venue. Those things are nice. Certainly if I were given complete free reign to make a wedding (ha!) I’d make it sunny, golden hour all day, no bugs, gorgeous outdoor venue with funky artsy indoor spaces and – heck – let’s just put the whole thing in Paris.

Photobooth fun!

So earlier this year, I introduced photobooths into my offerings and they have been a huge hit. As soon as I get 100 of my closest friends and family together, I’ll be setting one up for myself. Until then, I get to live vicariously through the hilarious messages, drunken antics and adorable kid action at my clients’ weddings.

From Liz & Zach’s wedding:


From Miriam & R.J.’s wedding:


And, you know, obviously the photographers are going to get into the mix too.


And then Kate & Daniel’s wedding, where I was really glad they snagged the free photobooth, because I learned that day that the photobooth must be indoors. It was so windy at their wedding, my backdrop kept blowing over, and I had to tie my lights quite forcefully to one of the poles holding up their tent. No matter, they had a pretty solid backdrop anyway.