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Alyssa & Matt | Meridian Hill Park engagement session | Washington, DC

Alyssa and Matt are pretty seriously cuddly, y’all. These two got engaged at Meridian Hill Park, so that’s where we went for their engagement photos, tromping around the architecture and the one or two trees still clinging to the last strands of fall. The weatherguys said it would be raw, but it was actually beautiful – sunshiny and winter-clear. A lovely day for my last 2014 photo shoot.


We started in their home, which is a lovely place to start an engagement session. Particularly when you have so much natural light.


Matt proposed right on this bench. Spoilers: she said yes.


One of my favorite portrait spots in the park got some seriously mean-looking graffiti, so we rocked it a different way. (PSA to people who put graffiti on public places: dudes, come on, not in the best portico.)


Anthony & Christopher | Washington DC intimate wedding | Jefferson Memorial

Anthony and Christopher were married steps from Mr. Jefferson, rocking his big, pretty memorial. Don’t get too excited, though – I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to get married on the memorial itself. But if you’re quick and hide in a corner and don’t bring too many guests, who’s to say you’re not just huddled about looking happy because founding fathers, etc. etc.? Democracy, Monticello, marriage! Anthony and Christopher:


There was literally one tree with any leaves still on it.


I try to make people do “sexy GQ” but I always end up preferring candid and fun.


Jefferson silently approves.


Congratulations, guys!

Tammy CossanoDecember 12, 2014 - 4:48 am

Absolutely beautiful……..it is so apparent that you two are in love…enjoy your lives together…xoxoxoxo

Maternity & Newborn package dealio | Documentary family photography in Arlington, Virginia

It’s all coming up babies, y’all. If you want to get your photo on about it, I have a package dealio for you! It’s the first “package” I’ve had here at AWP and since it’s gone over well with folks, I’m doing an advertising post about it. (This is the post – I am currently advertising!) One maternity session, one newborn session and one small but beautiful album for $1100. It’s my Maternity/Newborn package and it’s pretty great.


First we do an about-an-hour shoot while baby’s still cooking…


… then we’ll meet at your house and do another about-an-hour session once your tiny new person makes his/her appearance.


My style focuses on documentary storytelling – little snippets of life. Real stuff. We do some posey stuff too – a few for Grandma – but the ideal is to have some images that speak to who you are as a newly-enlarged family.

NancyDecember 9, 2014 - 9:08 am

We absolutely LOVE our maternity and newborn pictures from Amber. And working with her couldn’t be more lovely! She photographed our wedding years ago and was the first person we called when we had another life event we wanted captured. So glad we did! I think if we’d tried to take perfect baby-in-a-flower-pot pictures it would have been really stressful (our incredibly easy baby decided to scream the entire time Amber was in our apartment), but knowing that Amber was there to capture the reality of our new lives allowed us to just go with the flow… and resulted in pictures I will love forever!!