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Shiva & Julien | National Mall engagement photos | Washington D.C.

Shiva and Julien are all about compromise. He loves the big city and she wants wide open spaces. So they’re doing two sets of engagement photos – one here in D.C. and another back home. We’re not much for mountains in this area, but we can rock the big city for sure. The three of us strolled the National Mall in search of architecture, glass and urbanity in all its forms. The Mall, as always, did not disappoint.


We pretended for just a few minutes that it was super nasty cold out.


The never-disappointing light tunnel of happy sparkliness.


And some of the art is back at the National Gallery! We did a couple moody weird ones. Weird is good. Who doesn’t like weird?


Congratulations you guys!

Holly & Justin | Great Falls wedding shoot photographs | Virginia

Holly and Justin celebrated their first wedding anniversary with – me! Ok, they had a real celebration and all, but exactly one year before we met up, they tied the knot in Virginia. The newlyweds and Pumpkin, their adorable tiny dog, and I met up on the first of what has turned out to be many frigid days. It was a lot of “jacket off!” click click click “jacket on!”


For those of you who are uninitiated, the Great Falls are indeed very great. I was also quite proud of my fellow DMV-area folks. It was damn cold that day but the park was packed to the gills with folks hiking and doing whatever else it is people do at parks. We also saw two other photographers doing portrait sessions. What can you do!


Most of the trees had given up the ghost, but we found a good one.

Nancy, Ilan & Baby L | Washington DC maternity photography | Mt. Pleasant

Once upon a time, two lovely people met in Mt. Pleasant, fell in love, got married and had a baby. They made goofy faces at the baby, because goofy faces are this couple’s particular forte. Sometimes the baby cried, but mostly she was very happy. And then they hired a brilliant photographer to take documentary family photos. The end.

Ok, not the end. Not the beginning. Just somewhere in the very-good middle.washington-dc-documentary-newborn-photography-25

Baby L has a tiny tongue and little tiny toes.


And a tiny vajay – sorry future teenage Baby L!


Nancy and Ilan’s house has amazing light. Everyone should get to live in a house with light like this. I fully anticipate they will do all future baby cuddling mushed into this corner of their kitchen.


Congratulations, you two.