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Kate & Jimmy |intimate wedding photography | Washington, DC

Kate and Jimmy were married in the woods, at the very spot where Jimmy proposed. These brilliant folks actually take advantage of the lockhouses along the C&O Canal, which along with being nice vacation spots, are really lovely places to have a small wedding. They ate BBQ, got dressed up, marched down to a secluded spot by the water and went on and tied the knot. Kate and Jimmy:


Lockhouse #10 is the biggest on the canal, but still plenty cosy.


Marriage accomplished, we romped down to the water and back up the hill for a few portraits before these two whisked away to what I can only imagine was a rockin’ good wedding dinner.


Congratulations, guys!

Brooke & Dan | URJ Kutz Camp wedding | Warwick, NY

For all big events I photograph, I send out a day-of questionnaire with things like “which family formal groupings do you want?” and “who is your caterer?” Here’s an excerpt from Brooke and Dan’s questionnaire, in the list-your-vendors section: “Videographer? nope. Florist? nope. Any other decoration people? nope. Hair and makeup? nope. Other vendors? nope.” My kinda people. They tied the knot on a spectacular late-summer day at URJ Kutz Camp, where Dan went as a kid.


Their tiny little dog Julia followed them around all day.


Big thank-you to Chris who came along for the ride. The image below is his and I threw a couple others in here.


They walked to the chuppah simultaneously.


Apparently the trees with all the knobs and things on them are diseased or injured or some other tree malady. I was sad to learn this because they are so awesome-looking. It seems wrong to be jazzed about a tree being sick.

Rebekah & Nathan | Old Town Alexandria intimate wedding | Virginia

Rebekah and Nathan have known each other for about 8 million years. And their dog is famous.


These two got hitched in a lawyer’s office in Old Town. It was short and sweet.


Then we hit the town, portrait-style.


A little bit of this…


…but mostly this.


The closest thing to “industrial” and “graffiti-covered” Old Town can muster for some weirdness. It’s a pretty place filled with beautiful old bricks and cobblestones – can’t complain!


Congratulations you guys!