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Personal: Madrid and what else I’ve been up to lately

Friends, it’s been a busy last few months.


I’ve always been interested in travel, leaving home behind, seeing the world, but George and I crammed so many trips into this year, I think we may have hit a serious max. We started the year in Greece (seriously, I just went back through my blog to add all this up and I went “wow, Greece was this year?”. That’s kind of what I’m trying to say.) After that, I spent some time in New Orleans, then a few days in Grand Cayman. After that, San Antonio, Houston and Austin. And that is just taking us up to June, where this post starts! I don’t know that I’ve ever been so excited not to have travel on the agenda. From here, it’s just a trip through Amish country tacked onto an upstate New York wedding and back to New Orleans for Halloween. Probably by then I’ll be itching to leave home again anyway.

Photobooth Fun 2014 Version

My photobooth has been a big hit this year. I upgraded some things from last year, worked out the kinks and even got some new backdrops (gold sparkle!) Info about adding on a booth to your own wedding at the end of the post. Also, forgive me the watermark. Making them pretty for the website is a lot more work than I’m willing to put into this everybody-buy-a-photobooth post. Whacky photobooth pictures:


Gold sparkle is new as of July. I now have THREE beautiful backdrop options: gray damask (shown above), gold sparkle (shown below) and brown damask.


So, obviously you want one at your wedding now, right? Here’s the infos:

  • I don’t have the ability to print on-site, which is a bummer. But! A few days after the wedding (same week), I’ll get the images processed and up in a gallery where guests can download high-res versions for free. They can do whatever they want with them – post on the Facebooks and print and things like that.

Laura & Brian | Newseum wedding | Washington, DC

Laura and Brian got married in one of DC’s raddest venues, the Newseum. These cool cats are California folks now, but they brought it on back DC-style hard for one crazy night of giant red moons, cardboard cat cut-outs, famous-chef food, cameo singing appearances and even spent a little time with the Berlin Wall.


We started the day at the JW Marriott.


Looking through these images, I was like “why did I crop in so tight?” but I like it (and don’t worry, L&B, I’ve got one with no one’s head cut off!) I guess I have the same eye while I’m shooting as while I’m blogging.


Their ceremony was held on the terrace at the Newseum. It was warm, but you can’t beat the backdrop.