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Alejandra & Bassem | Antrim 1844 wedding | Taneytown, Maryland

Ale and Bassem were married at the massively pretty Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel up by Gettysburg. It was all kinds of rainy on the drive up, but it cleared just in time for portraits outside and the most wonderful golden light for their lovely outdoor ceremony. This pair of doctors with infectious personalities had the house in stitches, made everybody saw “awwww” and generated a dance fever (I tried so hard to think of more doctor puns but I’m spent). Ale and Bassem:


Antrim has an amazing bridal suite for all the ladies to rock out in.


Many thanks as always to my lovely second Julia, who took a number of very, very good photos at this wedding, including this handsome portrait of Bassem.


We did lots of photos of Ale and her ladies and Bassem and his menfolk before the ceremony. The clouds had parted by then and a truly spectacular evening light fell on everything.

Kate & Jimmy |intimate wedding photography | Washington, DC

Kate and Jimmy were married in the woods, at the very spot where Jimmy proposed. These brilliant folks actually take advantage of the lockhouses along the C&O Canal, which along with being nice vacation spots, are really lovely places to have a small wedding. They ate BBQ, got dressed up, marched down to a secluded spot by the water and went on and tied the knot. Kate and Jimmy:


Lockhouse #10 is the biggest on the canal, but still plenty cosy.


Marriage accomplished, we romped down to the water and back up the hill for a few portraits before these two whisked away to what I can only imagine was a rockin’ good wedding dinner.


Congratulations, guys!

Brooke & Dan | URJ Kutz Camp wedding | Warwick, NY

For all big events I photograph, I send out a day-of questionnaire with things like “which family formal groupings do you want?” and “who is your caterer?” Here’s an excerpt from Brooke and Dan’s questionnaire, in the list-your-vendors section: “Videographer? nope. Florist? nope. Any other decoration people? nope. Hair and makeup? nope. Other vendors? nope.” My kinda people. They tied the knot on a spectacular late-summer day at URJ Kutz Camp, where Dan went as a kid.


Their tiny little dog Julia followed them around all day.


Big thank-you to Chris who came along for the ride. The image below is his and I threw a couple others in here.


They walked to the chuppah simultaneously.


Apparently the trees with all the knobs and things on them are diseased or injured or some other tree malady. I was sad to learn this because they are so awesome-looking. It seems wrong to be jazzed about a tree being sick.