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Irene & Idrissa | Corcoran Gallery of Art | Anytime | Washington, DC

Irene and Idrissa have been married for over a decade, but, like the proverbial cobbler’s kids, Irene doesn’t wear shoes. Anyway, she’s a great photographer, so it was very humbling to be asked to do photos for her family. We even hit up a new museum for me – the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The gallery is on it’s way to becoming part of the Smithsonian so who knows what the place will be like in a few months. In the meantime, we soaked up some of the cool modern abstract stuff and rocked out the Duck Pond too.


I was afraid of the geese but Irene and Idrissa plunged in.


You can’t use flash in the museum. I know that. And you shouldn’t do it. But sometimes you just roll with it and fire off a few before the guards start yelling. And it’s worth it.

Emily & David | Wolf Trap wedding | Vienna, Virginia

Emily and David were married in a very special place, a place where no one had ever been married before. David’s family was involved with the founding of Wolf Trap – not “the Barns” wedding venue, but the actual amphitheater and park – and he and Emily decided to say their vows in the Children’s Theater, outside, amongst the trees and paths that David grew up playing around.


Emily started the day with her hair stylist of 10 years, Mickey Bolek from Michael Anthony Salon. And, oddly, her makeup artist was someone I see all the time when I get my hair did. DC gets smaller every day.


Then we all hopped in our transports and headed out to a fantastic day at Wolf Trap.


Many cheers to Emilie of Bliss Weddings & Events for planning and All The Things.


Personal: So Much Random Stuff

I haven’t done a personal post in ages. I get behind. It happens. Actually, I’ve just yesterday evening come back from a trip to Madrid and I leave next week for The Netherlands and England! I thought to myself: self, put up those Madrid photos before you get slammed with the next batch of travel photos. Except, I have three months’ worth of other crap from various travels and adventures that I haven’t posted. So instead of “hey, I just got back from Madrid!”, you get a bunch of random stuff. Enjoy!

In chronological order, just cuz:


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