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Big News: We’re moving to Sweden! | Print & Album Sales | I’d love your help!

Giant news from the Wilkie household: in January, we’ll be moving to Gothenburg, Sweden! George has taken a post-doc position at Chalmers University and we’ll be there for at least two years.

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I’ve told a number of folks about this already, so I can put together a reasonable FAQ but first, this one:

Q: What does this mean for weddings this year?
A: Absolutely nothing. I’ll be photographing (like a boss) all the weddings for which I’m contracted this year, with no delays or other things to make anyone sad.

In August this year, we visited the city where we’ll make our way. It’s not as big and exciting as some other European cities, but it has definite charm and I think we’ll enjoy ourselves. I’ve peppered this post with some photos of the week we spent there.

© 2015 Amber Wilkie Photography | www.amberwilkie.com© 2015 Amber Wilkie Photography | www.amberwilkie.com© 2015 Amber Wilkie Photography | www.amberwilkie.com

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June & July: Stray Frames | Personal

Ok I’m a slacker on Stray Frames and, frankly, a slacker on personal photos for these two months. I even went all the way over to Europe and barely cracked the camera. What can I say? I’ve got a husband to take the cellphone snapshots and also a husband I’d have to drag around to wait patiently on me to get the street stuff I want (I generally leave the postcard-photos to the masters and those that have the luxury of time).

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Two other photo-related things I did in June: a nekkid photoshoot for me (ostensibly for George but who are we kidding) and a “couple shoot” with the both of us. Sarah Williams from This Rad Love did both and I couldn’t love them more.

(There’s literally no other photo from this shoot that doesn’t have some of my ladybits showing. Rawr.)


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May: Stray Frames | Personal

People are always saying that time speeds up as you get older. I’m not sure I believe it 100%, but I can believe that all the things I do monthly (write these posts, for instance) do seem to come far more often than would be predicted by the word “monthly”. We’re living a busy life. It’s exciting, but it moves quickly. April came and went, then May. Now it’s June. We’ll blink and another wedding season will have come and gone. In the meantime, we press on and take things as one-day-at-a-time as possible.

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May was a bit of a rough month for me. I sprained my ankle halfway through and I’ve had to rest it since. Even though it was a minor sprain (as self-diagnosed by me and the internet), it’s still swollen more than two weeks later. If you know anything about me, you know I walk a lot. It’s my main form of entertainment and my default activity to get out of the house and do something. (It’s a working from home thing, see. If I didn’t get out and deliberately walk, I’d just sit inside my house all day at the computer.)

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