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The Great American Road Trip | Week One | DC to Savannah

Well it has been a hell of a nine days since we left DC. For the two weeks prior to our Nov. 14 departure, we were in a haze of celebration of George’s attainment of the Ph.D. (go husband!), fevered attempts to give away or sell 95% of our possessions, preparations for the move and for the road trip and lots of goodbyes. Now, my friends, we are nomads and living on the road!

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I do the majority of my posting on Instagram and I attempt to post something every day. If you want to follow along, that’s the medium where you’ll get the most timely updates. But for those who can take theirs all at once: the first seven days.

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We started the road trip, fittingly, in DC at the Renwick’s Wonder exhibition – which is really freakin’ rad and I’m a bit sad I’ll never get to do an engagement session there. Ideal for my purposes. DC wedding photographers, you should be on that. Scope the rainbow:

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The Great American Road Trip

Surely by now you all know that we’re moving to Sweden in January. But probably most of you also know we’re headed out of town mid-November. What will we do in the meantime? I present to you: The Great American Road Trip.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.25.59 AM

Here’s how it came about: we’ve got family and friends scattered throughout this great land. When we realized we’d never have the time or money to take little trips this year to go visit all of them, we determined the best plan of attack would be to take a massive end-of-the-year road trip to end all road trips. We’ll see family in Florida, Houston and San Francisco, and also get to hit up friends everywhere in-between. Big, big bonus: we’ll visit scads of U.S. destinations that we might otherwise never see, like Monument Valley, where we’ll spend our sixth wedding anniversary.

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Big News: We’re moving to Sweden! | Print & Album Sales | I’d love your help!

Giant news from the Wilkie household: in January, we’ll be moving to Gothenburg, Sweden! George has taken a post-doc position at Chalmers University and we’ll be there for at least two years.

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I’ve told a number of folks about this already, so I can put together a reasonable FAQ but first, this one:

Q: What does this mean for weddings this year?
A: Absolutely nothing. I’ll be photographing (like a boss) all the weddings for which I’m contracted this year, with no delays or other things to make anyone sad.

In August this year, we visited the city where we’ll make our way. It’s not as big and exciting as some other European cities, but it has definite charm and I think we’ll enjoy ourselves. I’ve peppered this post with some photos of the week we spent there.

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