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April: Stray Frames | Personal

I’m not totally sure what happened to April. It seems yesterday I was complaining about the cold hanging on and taking a bajillion classes in random things and generally feeling rushed. April brought with it much more ease and peace of mind, but I’m also not exactly sure what I’ve been doing for a month. The cherry blossoms came and went and the whole area erupted in beautiful blossoms – one of my favorite times of year in DC. And, we did another photowalk.

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I spent a fair amount of time in the city this past month, just wandering around and enjoying the warmer weather and rich variety of experience our town has to offer. Above, I was very impressed with the red red red tulips the Capitol Gardener (I assume there is such a person / committee) chose for the White House and other areas. They were so tall and big and RED.

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March: Stray Frames | Personal

Here’s what happens every winter: I look at my calendar with so much empty space and I say “dang, I’m going to be sooooo bored.” I then proceed to say “yes” to my every tiny whim. For instance, this winter, I was simultaneously taking classes or self-directing learning in calligraphy, Judaism, ceramics, Java programming, guitar and yoga.


In March, I traveled to Charlottesville for a friend, took the Northern Virginia Short Course in Photojournalism, spent a few quality days in NYC, and juggled many things for a styled shoot last week. It feels like it’s been crazy and Spring has barely broken through.


But, truth be told, I love to be occupied. Gaining new skills makes me feel useful and travel is always on the agenda. I have a really big announcement to make but you’re probably going to have to wait quite a while to hear it. My mental energy feels like it’s split right in thirds: clients, side projects and enrichment, and “the news”. I’m being vague on purpose. You’ll have to deal. Or talk to me in person.

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February: Stray Frames | Personal

I consider the fact that I have any images to put in this post a success, seeing as how I spent most of 2014 with absolutely nothing to file under “personal work”. I hosted another photo walk and I’ll host again this month. You should come – all are welcome!


All of the random street images in this post (and all the ones I took last month) are from my photowalk. You see, I’ll take more personal images in a one-hour dedicated photography block than in a month of just seeing what comes. That’s solid advice to all photographers: you gotta work intentionally!

We photowalked at Eastern Market.


This is my husband, in appropriately Mardi Gras colors. Remember that Sunday when it was 70* and beautiful and we all walked around in tank tops for one afternoon? That was so nice…


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