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Travels | Budapest

Ok, I realize I still owe my readers a Copenhagen post. But that’s old news by now. Let’s talk about Budapest! Budapest was … amazing. Everyone is always comparing Prague and Budapest and that makes zero sense. They should be comparing Vienna and Budapest and Budapest wins hands-down.


My favorite thing about the city is the architecture. Budapest had a shittton of money going into the 1900s, so they built scads of beautiful palace-like buildings and apartment complexes and mansions and opera houses and things all over the city right around the end of the 1800s. And they were riding high for 60 some-odd years until the first war, when Hungary lost 2/3 of its territory. Then WWII came along and that was something of a death knell for many years. But Buda is back in a big way and has been rebuilding, cleaning up and ready for action since the fall of the Soviet Union. Now it’s a damn tourist playground but retains so much character (in a way that Prague, frankly, does not).

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Delsjön and an update

Hej hej! Your local American-Swede here with an update (since *someone*’s aunt mentioned it). Sweden! In a word: going well. As always, if you want timely updates, you’d do better to follow me on the Instagrams. Otherwise, here goes.


This post features photos from Delsjön, a lovely twin-lake area East of Gothenburg that I have visited once by my lonesome and once with my husband, this past weekend. We’ve just come back from påsk (Easter) break and we did lots of lovely things around town, including tons of resting and eating foods. We ate at our 2/7 Michelin-starred restaurants in town, Thörnström’s Kök (highly recommend!). We also circumnavigated the bigger lake of the two and took a trip out to IKEA. George roasted a giant lamb leg steak thing for us. And we played lots of board games.


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One month in Sweden

Hej alla! You know how people write scads about their big life events, detailing them smartly and in a timely manner on their blogs? I’m not going to be like that, apparently! I do post most days on Instagram. Otherwise, you’ll have to make do with sporadic accounts.

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So, it’s been exactly one month since we moved to Sweden! One month since we hauled our ten suitcases across the Atlantic, schlepped them into our apartment and said: “woah, we live in Europe now.” One month of language attempts. One month of trying and failing to find spicy food in restaurants. One month of cold and rain.

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