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Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions | 2015

We had a blast last year getting our cherry blossom mini sessions on, so I’m taking the plunge again this year. Cherry blossom minis!


Quick, painless and beautiful photos with the iconic blossoms, at half the price of my normal portrait sessions. Write me to reserve a spot!

Here’s a few favorites from last year’s sold-out mini sessions:


Allison & David | DC courthouse wedding

Allison and David got hitched at the DC courthouse, amidst a small but joyful group of family and friends. It was a balmy 27* out, so we skipped the outdoors as much as possible and instead hit up the National Gallery’s modern wing, where they have been reinstalling a couple artworks I missed. These two enjoy a good “street” scene, so I concocted a few for them, with the help of the tourists.


I shoot at this museum a lot, so sometimes it’s hard to think of new things to do in the space. But we took some new angles for these two.


A quick jaunt in the classical side.


This girl seemed to have no idea there was a photo shoot happening on either side of her. Modern, right?


AnnaMarch 18, 2015 - 11:26 am

I love the escalator shot! You have such a great eye! I love your photos!

February: Stray Frames | Personal

I consider the fact that I have any images to put in this post a success, seeing as how I spent most of 2014 with absolutely nothing to file under “personal work”. I hosted another photo walk and I’ll host again this month. You should come – all are welcome!


All of the random street images in this post (and all the ones I took last month) are from my photowalk. You see, I’ll take more personal images in a one-hour dedicated photography block than in a month of just seeing what comes. That’s solid advice to all photographers: you gotta work intentionally!

We photowalked at Eastern Market.


This is my husband, in appropriately Mardi Gras colors. Remember that Sunday when it was 70* and beautiful and we all walked around in tank tops for one afternoon? That was so nice…


MeredithMarch 10, 2015 - 6:59 pm

That’s a coyote! Middle child in the wild canine family – smaller than wolves, bigger than foxes. Super cool to see one, lucky you!