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2014 Year in Review

We did it, folks. We completed another year. In 2014, I documented dozens of unions – full of joy and complexity and faith and love. Some were small affairs – some even small enough that I was the only witness. Some were massive throwdowns. All were really, really great.

I said it last year and the year before (and the year before that), and I’ll say it again now: I have the best job and the best clients. Here’s a question I get all the time from people at cocktail parties and the like (because I’m super-fancy and I go to cocktail parties alllll the time): “do you have any great stories about bridezillas?” I always disappoint them because no, I really don’t. Literally every single couple I have ever worked with has been easygoing, genuinely in love with each other (as far as I can tell!) and, well, nice.


How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

There’s a lot of advice out there about choosing vendors. And in my opinion, much of it creates extra work for folks getting married that’s really unnecessary. For instance, some websites (I’m looking at you, The Knot) have enormous lists of questions to ask photographers: What gear do you use? What do you wear to the weddings? Do you require a meal? The truth is, the answers to most of these questions are totally irrelevant to the point of the inquisition: is this the right photographer for you? So I’ve put together this guide to help couples figure out if their photographer is the right one for them. I’m assuming here that we’re getting down to photographers in your budget.

As far as I’m concerned, there are really only three major things couples need to consider when choosing a wedding photographer:

Abby GraceJanuary 25, 2013 - 1:46 pm

This was really well-written, girl! I definitely agree with what you said about the fact that someone 10 years in just WON’T be charging $2,500, and that there’s a reason for that. Great post!

MaggieJanuary 25, 2013 - 3:44 pm

So many insanely important points. Thank you for sharing this!

DSWfotoJanuary 25, 2013 - 5:30 pm

Great article, Amber. I’ve seen these type of articles before on sites like The Knot. But, they forget a lot of these questions. Personality and approach are so important when it comes to picking a wedding photographer.

Accolade Tuesday | Exposed DC & Feature on Capitol Romance

Yesterday was a pretty big day for us over here at Amber Wilkie Photography. And by we, I just mean me, because there’s no one else. Forgive me for all the tooting of my own horn (it’s marketing and it’s why I have a blog!). First up, I’m very proud to announce that one of my images was chosen for this year’s Exposed DC contest. It’s especially nice because it is a wedding image entered into a street photography contest. Many thanks to Erin and Chris who were such lovely models / clients!


And it wouldn’t be Accolade Tuesday without a second nod – this one from Capitol Romance, who featured Heather and Pedro‘s wedding yesterday. Many thanks, as always, to Bree for providing such awesome inspiration for DC-area couples. And also to Heather and Pedro, who had such a baller wedding and for Heather’s many words. She outlines where *all* of her awesome DIY and other details came from. It’s well worth a peek.

Personal: #AmberWilkiePhotowalks | Exploring my city

This week, I worked on two of my goals for the year: meeting more photographers and taking more personal photos. Because I’m both impulsive and a natural leader (that is, I just like bossing people around and I’m always the one that says “well, I’ll do it”. Also, after doing some feminist reading recently, I feel the need to own the phrase “leader” instead of putting something more gentle and unobtrusive like “outgoing”. And I just wanted a third thing in these brackets), I just threw a photo walk on one of the local photographer calendars.washington-dc-photowalk-12

We started at the Lincoln and just walked around, enjoying this fair city we live in. Afterwards, we had beers. Photowalks are always better when there are beers at the end.


The pond at Constitution Gardens is frozen solid a good 20 feet in. I’d say the ice was at least four inches deep. No one else would stand on it with me.

CatherineJanuary 12, 2015 - 8:46 pm

Lots of awesome photos here! I’m curious as a non-photographer: when you do this kind of thing, do you set up for the best shots or just get lucky (with lots of shots, obviously)? For example, in the 3rd photo, did you prep for that, or were you just in the right place at the right moment? (I imagine there was at least a little prep for the skateboarding shots.)