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Angel, Mike & four more | Documentary family photography

Angel photographed George and me more than a year ago and it took us all this time to round up her fam and find a time when we both could do a shoot. On top of that, I'm crap at getting a bunch of kids to smile for the camera (even really well-versed kids like Angels'), so I insisted we do a documentary family session - where I would photograph them doing some activity, pretty much how they would be doing it anyway. The trip to get the Christmas tree was born! documentary family photography in pasadena, md It was so cold. But they had one of those stick-your-face-in-the-slot things and I just love those. kids being kids during family session getting on the hay ride during a documentary family portrait session walking through the christmas trees during family photo shoot family photo session at christmas tree farm teenagers at christmas tree farm walking through the christmas trees during documentary family shoot I'm one of the tribe, so I had never witnessed this Christmas tree thing before.  Sure, I've seen them in peoples' houses and decorated a mini tree or two in my sacrilegious abode, but never saw the living-tree-to-decoration process.  It is involved. Jeesh you people make it hard on yourselves!  Mike had to saw the tree down. dad cutting down the tree during family session While everyone looked on appreciatively. documentary family photography at christmas tree farm We snuck in a few portraits. family portraits portraits at christmas tree farm adorable little girl at christmas tree farm family session at christmas tree farm portraits at christmas tree farm documentary family photography at christmas tree farm Tree procured, it was hot cocoa time in the barn. funky portrait of little girl family portraits at christmas tree farm Some of my favorite images from this session are from the ten minutes the girls spent on the playground.  The unexpected and unplanned often make for the most interesting, dramatic images. documentary family photographer amber wilkie kids playing at mini playground at christmas tree farm driving the tiny tractor at christmas tree farm girls playing during family photo shoot moody documentary family photography swinging on the swings sliding down the slide putting the tree on the car dad putting the tree up during family photo shoot dad and his daughter during family photo shoot mom watching dad put up the tree Applewood Farms christmas tree photo session getting the tree into the house brother in law helps assemble the tree While the mens took the tree from outrageously huge to just massive, the girls decorated cookies. making christmas cookies while the adults set up the tree A little bit of decor on the thing and then I had to say goodbye. putting ornaments on the tree during documentary family session documentary family photography at christmas Thanks Angel, Mike and everyone else!

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