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Emilie & Zack | DC courthouse wedding

[Self-promotional note since Google loves this wedding: I would be thrilled to photograph your courthouse wedding!  You can check out my pricing and FAQ and things right here.  Please don't hesitate to write if you have any questions! Now, onto this most awesome courthouse wedding...] I think I might have freaked Emilie out a little bit by how excited I was when she wrote me about her courthouse wedding followed by Segway photo session.  Not gonna lie, this was one of the best wedding days ever.  Emilie and Zack took care of the getting-married bit at the DC courthouse and then we hopped on some segs and rode around the cherry blossoms.  I even got them to hop inside the National Gallery of Art modern wing - I think those might be my favorite images from the day. geometric wedding photography This was my first wedding at the DC courthouse.  It's a nice enough place, even if the ceremony room was pretty cheesy. bride and groom walking to dc courthouse bride and groom exchange rings Emilie and Zack were trying to play it cool like "oh can we just get our paperwork and go" thing.  Didn't work at all. wedding ceremony at dc courthouse Then it was time for Segways! segway wedding! bride riding a segway wedding portait at jefferson memorial washington dc wedding photography wedding portraits in washington, dc cherry blossom wedding pictures Yowza. gorgeous bride in black and white cherry blossom wedding photographywalking along the potomac on hains point national gallery of art wedding photos wedding photographer Amber Wilkie wedding photos in the national gallery of art silhouette with modern art and bride and groom dramatic wedding photography Okay and yeah I'm going to post these, too.  My job is cooler than your job, neener-neener. dorky photographer on a segway nerdy photographer girl on a segway Congratulations, Emilie & Zack!  Thanks for having me along - it was a blast!

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