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Hot Cocoa and things to come

Here's some hot cocoa to warm your winter.  The best way to drink cocoa is to add one or two ice cubes after you first put in the hot water.  This allows you to sip immediately.  Make sure the ice cube is close to your lips and then suck a little bit of the cocoa up.  You get warm but not steaming delicious cocoa and a lovely little cool water.  It's really nice - try it! There is a point to this post, though, thankfully.  I'm working right now on a year-long (with probable large break during the summer) photo course I'm going to call Photo 11 (for 2011).  It's certainly not a Photo 101 and I'm not going to talk about the exposure triangle or basic composition.  Photo 11 is going to be a comprehensive course designed specifically for me - at my level of photographic expertise and business acumen - that anyone can follow along if they so choose.  I'll have more details soon, but it's going to be pretty awesome.  I'll have shooting, Photoshop, business and research assignments every month.  I'll also be participating in several internet projects that are also photography or business themed.  I'll put those details up as well.  Basically, 2011 is the year to get schooled.  I hope some of you will find my posts on this topic useful! hot cocoa

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