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Naples, beach

Traveling for work for the first time in a while (by plane, anyway), I find myself at a beautiful almost-seaside resort in Naples, Florida.  Unlike the many, many other beach resorts I've visited (I jest), this one isn't right on the beach.  Instead, there is a .6 mile walk on an immaculately-maintained boardwalk through a mangrove... grove.  This is not a problem.  What could be a problem is this: do not feed alligators Or this: macro of crazy spider thing Seriously, what the hell?  That is a spider with spikes!  Is that even allowed? I braved the dangers anyway, and here's some of what I saw. couple walking on boardwalk leaves backlit FYI, I'm counting this as my Photo 11 assignment for now.  If I get something better with water in the next week, I'll update. pelican in a sea of blue tram going down boardwalk in mangrove forest The boardwalk led to a pristine and very quiet beach.  No big waves in the Gulf so it's more of a gentle lapping.  Peaceful, really. pelican and round leaves There are also lots of cool dead things at the beach. dead crab at the beach dead prehistoric-looking thing Finally I've got one just for David.  I think I may have found real live Cesars.  Look and tell me that's not what these are! Cesar quatro, cinco y seis! That's all for now but I'm sure I'll walk that boardwalk a lot while I'm here.  If anyone knows the deal with that spider with spikes, let me know.  Maybe I shouldn't walk down the boardwalk barefoot.

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