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I end up traveling for work quite a bit (on the weekdays, guys, don't worry!) and often find myself with big chunks of time to explore my surrounds.  Orlando was no exception and this time I had a car!  So I headed out, at the suggestion of my lovely aunt and uncle, to the place they call Gatorland. alligators in black and white I was going to put interesting facts about alligators in this spot, but I've just realized that I learned absolutely nothing at Gatorland.  Not sure if that is entirely my fault, but it is what it is.  More pictures, then! alligators in detail This is a gator feeding area! alligator in black and white There really were just tons and tons of gators all over the place - really close, too - but they had some other animals you could scope out.  The birds were remarkably plentiful. bird with eggs in a nest and python giant tortoise at gatorland hot dogs in a cup (For feeding the alligators, I realized long after I took this photo.) black and white diptych of fern and bird Seriously, how cute are these owls! owls at gatorland Finally, plants.  I took a little walk through their "real swamp" - very proud that it isn't cultivated, they are.  It was swampy.  The second photo is taro, of bubble tea fame. very green plants in the swamp taro in the swamp And that's what I did with my afternoon yesterday.  In Chicago at David's house now.  Hopefully I will bring you images from the windy city next!

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