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Three images from Orlando

A series of unfortunate events, on top of the cold weather we always have this time of year, has prevented me from getting out and taking pictures.  I've been in a bit of a funk lately and I asked my husband what he thought might be the problem.  "Well, you haven't photographed anything in a while," he said.  But that can't possibly be the issue, could it? In any case, I'm writing this from the Orlando airport en route to birthday celebrations in even-colder Chicago.  But David always drags me around to see fun things so I'm hoping to get plenty of shutter clicks in there, too.  Meanwhile, here are three random images from my travels.  First up - shuttle launch.  The planets (har, get it?) kind of aligned for me to go see Discovery's last launch.  We drove for what seemed forever and got about 5 miles away.  It was pretty seriously neat watching something launch that was headed for space.  I didn't photograph the liftoff but wish I had now.  Lesson learned: just take the damn picture. last Discovery shuttle launch And two more - one in the hotel's bathroom as part of my hotel self-portrait project and another from the Orlando airport (on the way in). b&w self-portrait at buena vista palace resort Orlando airport in black and white On deck for tomorrow: Gatorland!

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