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On Teeth & Trust

I'm very happy today because it's the first time in five months that I can eat on both sides of my mouth.  I got my permanent crown in after what seems like endless dentist visits and drilling, not to mention the beginning of this journey that started with soul-crushing pain.  See that shadow on the far right tooth?  That's not supposed to be there.  But now, I can rest and eat easy and it's smooth sailing in toothland... until the next disaster. But sitting in the dentist's office, I had a thought about trust.  See the last time I was there, the dental assistant (there might be a more appropriate term for this person, I don't know so I'll just go with this) put in my temporary crown.  The dentist left the room after all the drilling and things and she fitted the temporary crown, drilling it down in places, checking to make sure it was a good fit, and then finally gluing the thing in my mouth with adhesive.  The last time I had this done (I really have terrible dental health - not for lack of brushing/flossing/hoping!), the dentist did all this work.  So when the dental assistant was going through the process, I started getting nervous.  What if she screws it up?  She's not a full-fledged dentist - what if she doesn't catch something that the dentist would see?  What if what if what if? And then I calmed down considerably when I realized that I have complete trust in my dentist.  There's absolutely no way he would let her do this alone unless he had seen her do it supervised and she had excelled.  I have complete faith that my dentist would never, ever leave her to do something important unless he trusted her, in the same way that I trust him (I have an excellent, wonderful dentist). Naturally, I quickly related this to photography.  A photographer's client must trust them to get the shot or else the whole thing will be a disaster.  If you hire someone to be your wedding photographer, you need to have total faith in them to do their thing while you completely ignore the fact that photos are being taken.  If a photographer and her client can have that kind of relationship, magical things can happen.  There is nothing like having someone direct your photography to crush your creativity (far more often an issue with wedding guests than with anyone in the bridal party).  I don't really have anything deep to say about it, except to trust your photographer.  If you hired him and you love his work and you all get along great, just take a deep breath, relax, and trust him to do his job. For me, I'm not shooting a wedding today.  Today, I'm going to eat on both sides of my mouth.

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