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Seattle | Days 3-5

I'm still super-digging Seattle.  I've seen a bit more of the city and even the slightly further-out areas seem interesting and cool.  I've eaten a ton more delicious food and plan to spend my last day here wandering around the city.  But wanted to hop on here and share a few more images from my travels thus far. First up - a handful of scenes from the Underground Tour.  Of all the tourist options available, I was glad my colleagues chose this one.  I'm not much for riding a giant "duck" around. sign from underground tour, seattle underground tour stuff diptych The St. James Cathedral on Capitol Hill was pretty cool and had these massive yellow and red streamers flowing from the central skylight.  We later learned that these represent fire - in your soul or something.  I'm not big on Catholic lore either. virgin mary in the st. james cathedral ribbon flames at the st. james cathedral, seattle Right next to the cathedral is the Frye Art Museum, which had one of the most interesting art displays I've seen. coworker in the frye art museum, seattle And, of course, some scenes from the Pike's Place Market. guy cleaning umbrella with fish water boxes at pike place market Finally, this is what I do for a living when I'm not photographing weddings - hanging out on these massive vessels.  I fly around the country taking pictures and writing stories about the guys that run these things.  I'm not always on the road - most of the time I work out of an office in DC - but often enough I get to go "on assignment" and photograph some ships.  It's pretty sweet. tug with vessel in seattle cruise ship in seattle waters

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