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Philadelphia helicopter ride

Many visitors to my blog will already know that I am not a full-time wedding photographer (yet).  This means lots of things.  For one, it means I can't photograph as many weddings as full-timers because I simply don't have the time - this makes my brides extra mega special to me, and it also means I get to be really selective about who I work with, which is completely awesome.  Sometimes it means I have to be away from DC for a while and might be a bit late returning phone calls.  And very, very rarely, it means I get to ride in a helicopter. philadelphia hazy skyline from a helicopter It was the nastiest, haziest day ever and hot as all get-out, so this post-apocalyptic look is really the only feasible one, given the conditions.  I dig it. philadelphia skyline from a helicopter abandoned or really old factory on the river four oil container things I have no idea what this bridge is.  It might be the Betsy Ross.... philadelphia bridge from a helicopter So, in case you're curious what I do 9-5 M-F (and why in the heck I get to ride in a helicopter), I work for a trade union.  We represent officers on big old vessels and little tug boats and lots of stuff in-between.  I work for our newspaper and "cover" events that we have.  About once a month, I'll take a trip somewhere around the country, normally on the east coast but not always, to photograph some of our officers and their ships.  On this particular trip, I was offered a ride in a helicopter to do some aerial work.  That photo came out cool, but I'm sure I'm not allowed to show it to you. Also, the very technical of you may have noticed that these photos were taken with rather meager gear (that is, the d80 and kit lens 18-55).  That's because I'm not about to take $4k worth of camera gear on work trips with me, considering they would not see fit to replace it if I drop it over the side of the ship.  So here I am, offered a ride in a helicopter to take photos, and this is what I have to shoot with... but I'm still not about to travel with my wedding glass. Thanks for looking!  Tell me how impressed you are that I have a helicopter hookup.

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