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Paris! (and more England!)

Still in jolly old England for the moment.  Since I last checked in, I've spent plenty more time in Oxford and also hopped a plane for Paris and spent a lovely weekend with my husband there.  Paris makes London seem inexpensive, so there's that.  But otherwise, it was quite impressive, if not overwhelmingly "romantic", as the books and movies and such would have you believe.  It's nice to be back "home" anyway, at Oxford.  George expressed regret that we didn't take a side-trip from Paris, to complete the trip-ception (I do hope some of you are picking up on this reference.) First, some random frames from Oxford: I had clearly done a piss-poor job on the previous post with showing you what Oxford looks like.  It looks like this: Obligatory Eiffel Tower and George-and-me-on-the-Eiffel-tower tourist photos: Notre Dame.  I loved how none of the other signs were in Japanese. Multiple people taking photos with iPads.  Who carries around an iPad on their tourism trips?  These folks.  There's definitely a post to be written about how trying to take pictures of everything prevents you from actually enjoying the thing in the moment.  Just cameras... everywhere... of everything.  One lady was literally taking a picture of each stained-glass window, even though they all pretty much looked the same.  She wouldn't stop and look at each one to admire it, she'd just take the photo and move on.  We live in a weird time. More random from Paris and, naturally, I went a bit overboard with compositions in the modern art museum. And, finally, from this morning back in Oxford.  Looking forward to one more day here before I head into London.  Then second-shooting a wedding in a castle (!) and then a glorious week in Belgium.  Yes, when I travel, I do it big.  Until next time!

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Elizabeth BeersAugust 14, 2012 - 3:35 pm

1. Did you chop your hair?
2. I agree about the vacation photos. I was at the aquarium with a friend and her young cousin the other weekend, and the cousin was taking pictures of EVERYTHING with her iPhone. It made me remember taking disposable cameras on vacation and having to pay for the camera and the developing, which made the pictures at least a little more precious.

Amber WilkieAugust 14, 2012 - 4:27 pm

Yep. I got rid of a lot and George grew some on his face. I worry about the picture thing and that people are losing their ability to just *be* in a place or just *see* something. If you don’t have a photo of it, it’s like it doesn’t happen. I understand the tagging more than the excessive photos. At least if you are “checking in” or something, it’s a social thing. What are these people going to do with 800 images of stained glass windows? Same thing at the weddings… mostly I wish people would just put down the cameras and give a damn that their cousin/sister/friend is getting married. No way you can pay attention and take photos at the same time.

Funnelcloud RachelAugust 23, 2012 - 1:35 pm

Love the new hair, Amber!

I’m so glad to hear a pro comment about photography getting in the way of enjoying vacation/life, etc. I struggle with this all the time. I feel like I need to take a photo of everything and then realize what are the memories attached to the photos going to be associated with – my face behind a camera instead of participating/experiencing! I love having photography as a hobby, but I need to find some sort of balance. I try to force myself to leave the camera at home sometimes, but am always worried I’ll miss an amazing photo op. Maybe take photos for 10 minutes and then put down the camera?

Am open to suggestions…;)

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