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New York City, on a whim

First of all, it's my birthday! So that means you're obligated to comment today and only today (well, sort of tomorrow also but we'll let it slide) and tell me what you think of my images. Basically no one ever comments and it feels like I'm writing into a void - so on this day, say something! You gotta, it's my birthday. elmo and NYPD cops Second, it's really freakin' great to have a flexible schedule. Sunday morning, I decided - it being a slow week here at Amber Wilkie Photography - I would up and go to New York on Monday, you know, the following day. I had to be back for said birthday, so we'd make it two nights. I booked a bunk at my favorite hostel in the city and a bus ticket and put the call out to Facebook to see if any other folks wanted to throw a couple days to the Big Apple. One did! So Jon and I headed up to the great north to spend a couple days shooting street, meeting with photographer friends and client friends and generally having some adventures. Here are my images from the trip: times square street photographyelmo street photography in nycguys in suits at the nasdaqstreet photography nyc I just love New York City. It's so vibrant and exciting and diverse. It's really a fantastic place to be, especially when you're shooting street. I think sometimes it takes leaving home to really get in the zone, photographically - at least for personal projects. It's much easier to wake up in my hostel and hit the streets than it is to get out of my comfy bed at home and go take photos in Washington. I'm always glad I did, though. nyc street photography with cop and metro workerreflections nyc street photographystreet photography in brooklyn I've been working on my palette this month, trying to incorporate color in a new way. I tend to do street in black and white and sometimes that is a crutch. It's an added level of difficulty to make color part of the story. color palette street photographyshadows and street cleaner street photographyreflections street photographywalking in brooklynopening a store shutterwalking into a patch of light in brooklynwalking through the borough hall subwayborough hall subway in brooklyngirl in the borough hall subway in brooklyn Okay this is sort of cheating, because these were actually on the roof of the hostel. Creepy, right? creepy-ass dolls in brooklyndude at the bottom of the brooklyn promenadecolorful street photography in brooklynlady in the subway with motion blurman dog umbrellaguy walking on the street with cigarette and redlady walking by a broken umbrellaold ladypigeon and red wall And now we have some stuff which is totally different than anything I've shot before. Jon does this whole series on dancers in NYC. In the two short days we were there, he managed to get a dancer to come out and pose for us in the really cold weather. I felt so bad for her! But she was such a trouper - getting all half-naked with zero complaints. Plus, it was really cool to work with someone who could just make a pose instantly. So fun. 'Course, I was still working on the palette. ballerina under the manhattan bridge I've buried these a bit here at the end of this post on purpose. I can't imagine I'll have another opportunity to photograph a dancer (unless I hang out with Jon some more). They're cool but they're so far from my normal work. dancer at the manhattan bridgeballerina dancing below the brooklyn bridgeballerina on the waterfront in nycballerina dancing at the brooklyn waterfrontballerina at an abandoned building in brooklyndancer on a gritty brooklyn streetballerina in a brooklyn nyc streetscapeballerina dancing with an abandoned call box Good times.

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MargaretFebruary 28, 2013 - 11:54 am

Wow, those are awesome photos, Amber. Happy birthday! P.S. Those mannequins are super creepy.

BeckyFebruary 28, 2013 - 12:34 pm

Well, happy, happy birthday. And you know, your images are *always* fantastic and shame on me for not hopping on and saying that more often! 🙂

love the woman with the walker, crazy about the composition of the dancer with the piers in the top left corner, most favorite is the guy looking down at his phone with eveyrone else shooting up.

JessicaFebruary 28, 2013 - 2:31 pm

LOVE these!

StephenMarch 5, 2013 - 7:40 am

I’d pay cold hard cash for some of these pics!

Taylor RoadesMarch 28, 2013 - 1:25 pm

You captured the personality of the city. So good, elmo, nice. The culture of the whole thing. nice shots and thanks for making my wanderlust a little.

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