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Hello and welcome to my headshot info page! Hopefully this guy will answer all your questions. How long does this take? Somewhere between five and fifteen minutes. Where do we do this? At my beautiful "home studio", that is, at one of two locations on the side of my apartment building. Sounds sketchy? Well, I keep these headshots nice and simple and there are some fine places to shoot around my home (all of the examples here were taken within the property lines). There's really no reason to get involved with lighting and backdrops and things when the outside will do just fine. Plus, I'd charge more to go anywhere or set up anything. The only catch here is we reschedule for rain, but we can shoot in any other weather. Speaking of, here's what it costs: $200, plus VA sales tax. When will I get my image(s)? I'll have them ready for you shortly after our appointment (same-day), and I'll give you a download link so you'll have them immediately. What you get: One to three retouched images (that means I'll photoshop your zits and make your teeth look whiter). I'll export them for you in high-res so you can print and also in low-res so you can put them on websites and such. When can we schedule? Weekdays, preferably mid-morning but I have some weekday evening availability as well. Do you shoot on location? Yes, but I have a whole different pricing scheme for that. I'd be happy to send you my full portrait brochure. Group discount? Sure, we can talk. What now? Drop me a line and we'll work out date/time and get you that headshot right away.