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A party of epic proportions

If you were wondering how awesome my life is when I'm not photographing weddings, this post should put that question to rest. In the midst of December, with holidays looming large and many presents still to buy, some of my dearest friends and I gathered for a party of epic proportions. There was Dom Perignon from 1992. There were caviar and salmon rillettes. There were hand-written menus (that I did not photograph, but I did hand-write). It was mandatory tie - for everyone. We were eating through all the foods and wines David and Carrie had been saving - hence the foie gras and caviar and things. The salmon rillettes I demanded. We had them during my wedding weekend way back on when at Buchon. We have been unable to repeat them exactly, though this time we came much closer. I'm in a tie too, just wanted to show. David changed out of his tuxedo to cook, the bastard. laughing at the end of the night For those who would be curious: all of these were taken with the Fuji x100, probably at 3200 or 6400 ISO. It's a nifty little camera.

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David at the Hirschorn

My poor friend David.  I drag him to a temporary exhibition that's all about color and the man is colorblind.  So his experience of this piece was completely different than mine. In related news, shortly before we left for the Hirschorn, David says: "What is the difference between blue and purple?" And now, photos of David at the Hirschorn: This photograph is particularly interesting to me because he is red/green colorblind.  This probably looks like a normally-lit portrait to him.

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Modern Art Portraits

I had a free day last Friday, so David and I met up to check out the new exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum - my favorite on the Mall.  Only they're between new exhibits (the next up is Andy Warhol) so we had to wander around the permanent collection.  Poor us.  And because I had a more or less willing subject, I took the opportunity to make some portraits with David, who is always up to "just stand there". red line david portrait black and white portrait with modern art funky portrait at hirshhorn museum portrait with sculpture at hirshhorn twisty sculpture at hirshhorn

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