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Snowy fashion photo shoot | Arlington, VA

So in addition to being a brilliant wedding photographer, I'm also a fashion maven. winter-snowy-fashion-shoot-1 Not. Here's how this went: The weather people said "big storm on Tuesday!" and I got excited because it was the first real snow of the season (haha, funny that). I went on the Facebooks and posted: "HEY! We're going to wake up to snow tomorrow. Who wants to shoot?" And from there, somehow a little fun in the snow ballooned into a quite massive undertaking complete with event planner, hair and makeup artist, videographer and two models! winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-4 It ended up being way snowier and colder than was predicted, so the roads were a big mess. Luckily for me, we planned to meet at my house. Unluckily for everyone else, we didn't plan to meet at theirs. Poor Gabby from Alison Harper & Co. got stuck in the snow and we had to come rescue her! winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-5 So in the end, we all made it (except for our lovely third model and snow-bound third photographer). We let Gabby work her magic on JoJo and my beautiful and very sure-I'll-do-it second shooter Julia. Tiffany from Simply Breathe Events dressed them up and we trudged out to the local park. We'll take a break in photos to watch this hilarious and super-exciting video produced by The Documentist, who also happens to be my buddy Jon.
winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-6winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-2winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-14winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-15winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-16winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-17 It's not a "styled shoot" unless you have florals, right? Liza at Studio DBI made me this beautiful bouquet and also lent my favorite thing in the whole shoot - the sweet-ass gothic candelabra and black candles. That thing is bitchin', man. If only I had any use for a giant candelabra at home... winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-18winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-19 Tiffany also put together this rockin' tablescape for a chilly dinner for two outside. And shhh, don't tell anyone, but the tablecloth is my bed sheets! We are a resourceful bunch. Nobody spent a penny on this shoot - except for gas and all. winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-20winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-23winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-25winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-26 Most days are processing images and making album edits and answering five thousand emails, but some lovely days are like this - collaborating on silly fashion photo shoots with your friends and colleagues. It's a good life. The fabulous vendor team who worked on this shoot: Coordinator and stylist: Tiffany from Simply Breathe Events Hair and makeup: Gabby from Alison Harper & Co. Videography: The Documentist Bouquet and bangin' candelabra: Studio DBI "Real" model: JoJo Fake model: My awesome second shooter Julia! (Her work is featured on nearly every wedding blog post on this site.) Bonus shout-outs: Extra photography (not shown) and the lady who knew JoJo: Jessica Patterson Extra videography: Creative Ideation Model who sat in traffic for an hour but ultimately turned around and went home: Mollie Tobias Thanks so much everyone! And finally, props to Bree at Capitol Romance who was kind enough to feature the shoot on her blog. Woot, promotion! Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.24.08 AM

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Molly & Brian | Snowtober wedding at the National Press Club

2011 was kind of a nutty year for wedding weather! First we rocked the Saturday hurricane and then it for-real snowed in October (basically unheard of, for all you non-locals). The ingenious Cassidy DuHon had me out to second-shoot Molly and Brian's relaxed but snowy wedding at the National Press Club. Lucky for us, she loves snow and we all ran outside for just a minute while the white stuff fell all around. Rad. bride in the snow in washington, dc Brian and his guys were rocking these glasses all night and kept saying something about Tebow... sometimes I feel I'm missing an entire world of pop-culture references by ignoring sports. glasses at the national press club groom gets ready at the national press club in washington, dc groom ties his shoes on carpet groomsmen drinking at the national press club First look. first look between bride and groom in washington, dc bride and groom portraits at national press club bride laughing with her man

And then it started snowing!

bride and groom watch the snow in washington, dc bouquet diptych bride and groom silhouette at national press club bride and groom dancing at national press club And it was still snowing when we had a bit of down time, so Molly wanted to go outside and shoot - yay! snow falling in october with washington monument

beautiful bride in the snow, downtown dc

bride and groom in the snow in washington, dc groom hugs his mother-in-law during the ceremony bridesmaid tears up during the ceremony stomping the glass and first kiss bride and groom make their entrance at the national press club onlookers during first dance in washington, dc How cute are they? super-cute bride and groom during speeches uncle at the national press club dancing at the national press club wedding reception guests at the wedding reception the dance floor at the national press club Thanks Molly, Brian and Cassidy!

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