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Snowy fashion photo shoot | Arlington, VA

So in addition to being a brilliant wedding photographer, I'm also a fashion maven. winter-snowy-fashion-shoot-1 Not. Here's how this went: The weather people said "big storm on Tuesday!" and I got excited because it was the first real snow of the season (haha, funny that). I went on the Facebooks and posted: "HEY! We're going to wake up to snow tomorrow. Who wants to shoot?" And from there, somehow a little fun in the snow ballooned into a quite massive undertaking complete with event planner, hair and makeup artist, videographer and two models! winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-4 It ended up being way snowier and colder than was predicted, so the roads were a big mess. Luckily for me, we planned to meet at my house. Unluckily for everyone else, we didn't plan to meet at theirs. Poor Gabby from Alison Harper & Co. got stuck in the snow and we had to come rescue her! winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-5 So in the end, we all made it (except for our lovely third model and snow-bound third photographer). We let Gabby work her magic on JoJo and my beautiful and very sure-I'll-do-it second shooter Julia. Tiffany from Simply Breathe Events dressed them up and we trudged out to the local park. We'll take a break in photos to watch this hilarious and super-exciting video produced by The Documentist, who also happens to be my buddy Jon.
winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-6winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-2winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-14winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-15winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-16winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-17 It's not a "styled shoot" unless you have florals, right? Liza at Studio DBI made me this beautiful bouquet and also lent my favorite thing in the whole shoot - the sweet-ass gothic candelabra and black candles. That thing is bitchin', man. If only I had any use for a giant candelabra at home... winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-18winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-19 Tiffany also put together this rockin' tablescape for a chilly dinner for two outside. And shhh, don't tell anyone, but the tablecloth is my bed sheets! We are a resourceful bunch. Nobody spent a penny on this shoot - except for gas and all. winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-20winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-23winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-25winter-fashion-photo-shoot-washington-dc-26 Most days are processing images and making album edits and answering five thousand emails, but some lovely days are like this - collaborating on silly fashion photo shoots with your friends and colleagues. It's a good life. The fabulous vendor team who worked on this shoot: Coordinator and stylist: Tiffany from Simply Breathe Events Hair and makeup: Gabby from Alison Harper & Co. Videography: The Documentist Bouquet and bangin' candelabra: Studio DBI "Real" model: JoJo Fake model: My awesome second shooter Julia! (Her work is featured on nearly every wedding blog post on this site.) Bonus shout-outs: Extra photography (not shown) and the lady who knew JoJo: Jessica Patterson Extra videography: Creative Ideation Model who sat in traffic for an hour but ultimately turned around and went home: Mollie Tobias Thanks so much everyone! And finally, props to Bree at Capitol Romance who was kind enough to feature the shoot on her blog. Woot, promotion! Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.24.08 AM

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