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Wags ‘n Whiskers – Arlington Event Photographer

This weekend was Shirlington village's Wags 'n Whiskers event.  All the fashionable doggies were there to soak in the canine ambiance.  And I have no problem admitting that dogs are one of my favorite subjects.  Puppies break my heart into tiny bits.  Like these puppies.  Just try not to smile. If you're anything like me, not only did you grin like an idiot, but you involuntarily squeaked out "puppies!"  Doggies make me happy, even though I'm terribly allergic.  Can you believe I did not pet these puppies?  Impossible! I must have just sat on a corner at this event and watched the dogs for half an hour - just hanging out, smiling at doggies.  Can you tell that I love puppies?  They are so small and cute and fluffy and tiny and I want to love them!  It hurts, a little. Oh doggies.  So wonderful.  Some day, I will be on a daily Claritin regimen and I will have a doggy of my very own.  Until that day, I will just have to satisfy myself by stalking other people's dogs at the dog park and mega dog-gatherings like this one.  May all doggies everywhere be ultra-happy.

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