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Clarendon Day

It seems that now is the time of neighborhood festivals.  There have been a spate of them in the last few weeks in D.C. and surrounding areas.  Saturday was Clarendon Day, celebrating that part of Arlington.  I could make snipey remarks about how everyone in Clarendon is a yuppy or some such business, but instead I'd rather show some photos from the event. I think neighborhood festivals are a great idea - bring people together, give local businesses a chance to reach out to the community, things like that.  Mostly it's good times.  Plus, festivals are a great place to practice street photography.  There's a whole buncha people, lots of stuff going on, and most people aren't even going to notice that you're snapping a camera in their face. I also took lots of pictures at the burrito eating contest, but that's a post for another day (perhaps tomorrow!). Clarendon Day - Arlington, VA Clarendon Day - Arlington, VA And, naturally, there were doggies. Clarendon Day - Arlington, VA Clarendon Day - Arlington, VA And kids. Clarendon Day - Arlington, VA Clarendon Day - Arlington, VA I'm going to end with this selection of incredibly bland-looking clothing.    There was an entire stall's worth of this stuff. Clarendon Day - Arlington, VA

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