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Tuesday on the Web

I'm a tad short on new photos today.  After second shooting a wedding on Saturday (don't worry, they'll be up soon!), my neck and shoulder pretty much put the smack-down on me and killed any chance of in-depth photoing this weekend, UMD images aside.  (In other news, Google/WordPress has no problem with the word photoing, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure it's not a real word.) So today, like I fear might happen on a number of Tuesdays, you get an oldie but a goodie, if you're asking me and of course you're asking me because you're on my website.  Today's image comes to you from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and it's one of my favorites, ever, even though I can't seem to get anyone to agree with me.  There is a lot of distortion in this image because it was shot into one of those dome aquariums.  This is one of the single images I shot into those that actually came out.  The auto focus had a hell of a time with the thick glass and it was so dark in there, most of the images are too blurry.

On the Web

Each Tuesday, I post a roundup of the best stuff I saw on the internet that week.  I've been traveling and busy so the roundup is a little weak today.  But enjoy anyway! Organize your Flickr stream chronologically I recently gave up my Project365 but this tool is really invaluable if you are working on your own. Petting Zoo Fail Oh just click the link. Possibly the best headline ever Funny story about using photos to cheat in life. 12 Books Roundup, Month 1 E has the roundup from the first month of the 12 Books project.  She really got together a large group for this! Seahorse - Monterey Bay Aquarium

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