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Tuesday on the web

After the holidays and all that, I've really got very little creative energy left, I must admit.  That said, no matter where you are, what you're doing and almost always regardless of your camera, there's always a shot somewhere.  I knew before I came into today that I was going to photograph my coworker's blooming flowers for this post.  It almost looks like I'm outside frollicking in some lovely meadow, instead of inside an insulated office building, shooting against a frigid sky.  There are warmer temperatures predicted for New Year's and I'm really excited for them to come!  Until then, my web roundup.

On the Web

Every week I save my favorite links from around the internet and present them here on Tuesday.  Click around and enjoy! Five simple ways to get more out of Google Analytics This article taught me lots of things I didn't know about Analytics and I've been using it for several years.  Definitely worth a look if you have or are interested in Google Analytics (which is free). Most popular free Mac downloads of 2010 Some real gems for Mac users in this LIfehacker roundup of the best free downloads from this year. Advanced tips for tack-sharp images There is invaluable, genuinely "advanced" information in this article.  I'm going to try and incorporate all of these techniques into my shooting. The Kitchn's Top 15 how-to tutorials I'm a big Kitchn fan - they post a lot of really great stuff and lots of yummy recipes.  This is a roundup of basics - things we should all know how to do but maybe don't. I love lists, so I can't resist. The Brain Dump I attended a very interesting photography business seminar with Judy Herrmann a few months ago.  She gave a really interesting talk on how to grow a business and brand according to who you are and the type of business you want to build.  I've been reading her blog since.  Here, she provides an exercise to get all the bang-around stuff in your head down on paper and what to do with it once it's there - the brain dump. red flowers and blue sky

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