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George was really in his element today.  I volunteered as a photographer for the USA Science & Engineering Festival, a massive science fair that basically took over all of downtown Washington this weekend.  I cannot think of a single field that was not represented.  I'm talking huge - this festival not only took up three blocks' worth of the National Mall, but spilled with impressive size into Freedom and Wilson Plazas and over a sizable stretch of Pennsylvania.  It was a sight to be seen. Also, kids love science.  It's awesome and they know it.  So does my husband.  Yeah, that's him with the bubbles. I think he might have had more fun than the children. Mr. Wizard science fair solving puzzles - DC event photographer looking through microscope - DC events astronaut outfit - DC festival photographer Okay this was really cool.  The people in this booth used a cement mixer to get 10 pounds of corn starch into each gallon of water!  The resulting liquid has an enormous resistance to lateral pressure - in other words, you can walk on it.  The kids were having a blast doing this. kids running through cornstarch water - DC event photographer kids jumping science festival polymers forming in water - DC events Yeah, you read that right.  "Maggot Monet" consisted of the booth staff putting drops of paint on the paper and then letting maggots roll around in them and create streaks across the page.  None of the kids thought it was gross and I suppose one maggot, totally isolated from garbage or rotting stuff is kind of an okay thing. george playing with bubbles It was pretty awesome.  We'll definitely be back next year.

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