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Wedding photographers’ get-together

On Sunday, I drove up to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for a fun little get-together with some great local photogs from the group Starting a Wedding Photography Business.  If you are in the business, this is a great forum in which to participate.  Endless knowledge streams out of the archives, if you’ll only look.  Highly recommend!!

We might have been a bit awkward at first, but once we got some burgers and quesadillas in us, it was time to rock it camera-style.  First, two images from our short photo walk around the harbor.  I really like these and I’m kind of amazed I got anything at all that I liked because we were really only shooting maybe 15 minutes, very casually.

man chesapeake inner harbor baltimore maryland

No, these people aren’t with our group.  I took the shot I wanted (cute couple looking out on the water) but my focus point was wrong, so I went to do another and she turned around!  I expected this image to be her looking mad.

cute couple in baltimore, md

Jaimie and Rehan:

Julia and Rehan

Jaimie and Ayesha:

Jamie and Ayesha Baltimore, md

I’ve known about freelensing for a while but I got frustrated when it didn’t immediately work out for me.  Ayesha showed us all how to do it right (or well, right enough – probably need to stop up quite a bit to actually get something in focus).

ayesha with freelensing


angel in baltimore, md

These guys were there too, but I either didn’t get any photos of them or didn’t like the ones I took (hey, 4/8 ain’t that bad!):

Looking forward to the next meetup!

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