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Hindu engagement ceremony: Priti & Vimal | Beltsville, MD

When we met to discuss their engagement ceremony, Priti and Vimal said the priest would say a lot of stuff in a language I wouldn't understand and that they would be doing a lot of "things".  And that it would take 1.5 hours.  I walked away from that meeting a bit confused, but I have to say their description was entirely accurate.  It was really exciting to photograph a new cultural experience for me, but I still have no idea what went on during the ceremony. These two have a very calming aura about them.  Throughout the entire evening, they never looked stressed or even tired.  I think they will complement each other very well. couple portrait at hindu engagement ceremony couple standing by window indian engagement ceremony black and white photo of the couple Part of the ceremony is an exchange of gifts.  Priti's family gathered theirs outside, then walked together to meet Vimal's family inside the temple. family gathers gifts at hindu engagement ceremony family gathers gifts at hindu engagement ceremony little girls watching bride groom waiting during engagement ceremony groom welcomes bride After prayers, the "doing things" part of the ceremony began.  Priti and Vimal sat with the priest in front of an elaborate collection of items and a board (for lack of a better word - sorry guys!) with white stones on it.  I have to say I didn't understand anything that was going on, but it was all very interesting. rituals during hindu engagement ceremony rituals during hindu engagement ceremony When they began, the board looked like this: rituals during hindu engagement ceremony And when they finished, it looked like this: rituals during hindu engagement ceremony Priti and Vimal are enormously generous people.  They chose to forgo an engagement ring and instead donate the money to the World Food Programme!  To symbolize their commitment, Vimal potted a plant and Priti watered it. engagement ceremony in beltsville, maryland donating to the world food programme It was a lovely ceremony.  I really enjoyed experiencing a culture new to me.  Priti and Vimal, I wish you the absolute greatest joy in your long, happy future and best of luck with the wedding planning!  And now, just a few more details and scenes from their engagement ceremony: table decorations at indian engagement ceremony engagement cake and plant frame in a frame at hindu engagement ceremony in beltsville, md tweetie bird at hindu engagement ceremony kids running at engagement ceremony in beltsville, md bride and groom portraits

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SaraDecember 20, 2010 - 4:35 pm

Another beautiful job! Even though I know how awesome you are, I continue to be impressed by your ability to capture such beautiful moments.

Priti and VimalDecember 21, 2010 - 1:50 am

Amber, you did a wonderful job with the pictures! Both Vimal and I have received many genuine complements on them and some even inquired about the photographer. I’m sure this was an enlightening experience for you too. Thank You.

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