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Washington B-Day Parade | Alexandria event photographer

I forgot all about the parade, so when I overheard the next guy getting his haircut mention it, I got all excited.  My ever-patient husband acquiesced and gave me approximately seven minutes of quality parade time.  There is perhaps an equation to describe these situations in our marital life.  One factor is my enthusiasm and the other is his reluctance.  There is some maximum "benefit to couple" relationship between these two factors that allows us to optimize our time at the parade.  Today, factoring in such things as cold weather, threat of rain, and remaining errands and chores, our time at the parade was approximately seven minutes. I don't mean to say that my husband is a buzz-kill, but I definitely represent the overly-enthusiastic side of the relationship, particularly concerning parades and the like.  Then again, I probably just like them because there are lots of interesting people to photograph. abe lincoln in old town alexandria parade kid and dog in alexandria george washington parade fire department marches in george washington parade baby in old town alexandria

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