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St. Patrick’s Day Parade | Alexandria event photographer

I really like parades.  It’s like a huge party in the middle of the street that all your neighbors are invited to.  George was suspiciously quick in agreeing to come with me to the Old Town Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Turns out he just wanted to sit in a coffee shop and do homework (boring!).  But I had fun on the street.

bagpipers piping

drummer drumming in old town, alexandria

people marching in old town alexandria

little misses at the old town alexandria st. patrick

Naturally, there were doggies.

doggies at the parade in alexandria, va

The one on the right was totally insane.  He’s gear up and run full-speed (not much for this guy) and then get jerked back on the leash.  He’d recover and by then his walker had met up with him and he’s run top-speed again.

puppies at the st. patrick

crazy dog at the parade in alexandria, va

people in the parade

little girl in a truck in black and white

bagpipers at the st. patrick


revolutionary war dress-up guys

little boy at the parade in old town alexandria

The cops ended the show, as always, but these guys had a whole motorcycle routine choreographed.  As you can see, the adults were quite impressed while the children seemed to be scared out of their wits.

little boy with police cars in old town alexandria

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