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My poor sexless tomato plants

Gardening is really magical for the uninitiated.  You start with these little brown specks and some dirt and just a few weeks later, you've created all this life from seemingly nothing.  I was really impressed when my tomato plants started shooting for the sky (well, okay, the window) but now it's quite clear I started them far too early and now they're blooming before it's time for them to go in the ground.  You're supposed to wait until the soil temperature stays above 60 degrees or something like that. tomato plant blossom We'll probably plant them this week, if it ever quits raining.  When I started this little garden, I knew I wasn't going to do anything silly like "hardening off" these plants.  If anything wants to live in my garden, it needs to be tough.  No babying my lovelies - it's sink or swim in this hard-knock world of... vegetables.

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