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Dinosaur Land! | White Post, VA

If you know me, you'll know that I am quite literally thrilled by campy tourist stuff.  So imagine my joy when our little group of friends organized a trip to Dinosaur Land in White Post, VA.  And let me say right up front here, that if you chose to do your engagement session at Dinosaur Land, I would be not only incredibly impressed with you but would also totally not charge you travel fees and pretty much worship the ground you walk on.  Hire me for a portrait session here!  It will be so awesome! (I feel compelled to tell you that Barbara is preggers but not that big - that would be lens distortion because I was shooting with the 24.) barbara on king kong My very best friend in the whole world (except for George, of course) just moved here last week.  So pumped to hang with him basically whenever possible. sai in a shark I'm not sure where the punching-the-dinosaur thing comes from.  It's a boy thing? punching at dinosaur The boys tried to ride the dinosaurs (definitely not allowed) and Sai fell off. It was hilarious. The crazy-ass gift shop had all kinds of really offensive Confederate stuff. david in a hat confederate stuff at dinosaurland After Dinosaur Land, we hit up some vineyards, including one where I'll be shooting a wedding later this month.  It was cool to be able to check it out early.  Definitely going to be beautiful! Thanks for the good times, lads and ladies.  Don't forget to contact me if you want to do an engagement session at Dinosaur Land!  So serious!

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