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Rich & Sean: Married! | Odyssey Cruises | National Harbor

Rich and Sean got married on a boat.  If I remember the speech correctly, the “biggest, gayest boat in all of Washington, DC.”  The party did not disappoint!  The ever-fabulous Cassidy DuHon had me out to second shoot this wild and crazy and very emotional event and then I took over for the dancing.  You’ll notice that I’m posting far far too many dancing shots.  Deal with it.

wedding photographer Amber Wilkie

The ceremony and reception took place on the Odyssey cruise boat, which was a pretty sweet venue, if you ask me.

odyssey cruise lines

Rich & Sean got ready at the nearby Hampton Inn at National Harbor.  We did all the normal formal stuff but I really like this little guy.  He was not feeling the pictures.

little boy crying during family formals

little boy reflected at hampton inn wedding, national harbor

pastor at national harbor wedding

groom on odyssey cruise wedding boat

putting on the bouttenieres

This crazy line of storms rolled in just before the ceremony started.  Halfway through, it absolutely dumped rain on the boat.  It made for a very epic vow exchange!

storm line moving in on odyssey cruise

crazy storm line in washington, dc

wedding ceremony on odyssey cruise

pastor speaking at wedding on boat

wedding ceremony on boat at national harbor

grooms during wedding ceremony on odyssey cruise

hugging during wedding ceremony on boat

I’m pretty sure every single person at the wedding gave both Rich and Sean a huge bear hug after the ceremony.  These families were so sweet and so loving.

emotional moment after the ceremony

mother of the groom hugging relative

friend hugging groom

big group hug at wedding

wedding guest on odyssey cruise, washington, dc

Rich and Sean’s first dance, which they obviously worked on quite a bit before the debut at the wedding.

first dance with grooms in gray suits

mother of groom and father of groom during speeches

speeches at the wedding reception on boat

grooms laughing during speeches

Mother-son first dance.

mother-son dance on boat

mother-son dance at national harbor

groom crying during speeches

And, of course, the aforementioned dancing.  I was promised this would be a crazy party and it was a crazy awesome party.  Everybody on this boat knew how to cut a rug!

dancing on the odyssey cruises during wedding reception

grooms dancing at wedding reception

groom at wedding reception

katy perry fireworks montage

grooms dancing at reception

And there were fireworks.  Sure they were, in theory, the regular weekend fireworks at the National Harbor, but from the boat it completely seemed as though they were just for Rich and Sean.

toasting the fireworks at national harbor

dancing during the wedding reception at national harbor

And this, my friends, is the famous (well, certainly famous on this blog) Cassidy.

cassidy dancing at wedding reception

dancing at the wedding reception in national harbor

The DJ played YMCA.  Everybody seemed to think this would be completely cheesy and wrong before it came on, and then they all threw their arms up in the air anyway.


grooms watch fireworks at national harbor

national harbor lit up at night

Congratulations, you guys!  It was such a pleasure to be at and photograph your wedding.

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