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Norfolk Hotel Self-Portrait

I was at it again in Norfolk.  My most recent hotel self-portrait (and the whole set here): black and white self-portrait in a hotel And a couple of outtakes. legs in a self-portrait norfolk hotel self-portrait For anyone interested in technical details, here's my setup: camera rested on nightstand, 50mm.  Light obviously comes from the window, but it's not direct - it's bounced off the side of the building.  Sun is actually rising right behind me (outside, wise guy).  Building was kind of peach-colored, so in color my face and the couch is blown out.  In black and white, it's very flattering light, don't you think? Tons and tons of traveling coming up in October, so hopefully I'll have lots of additions to the project!

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Julie NapearOctober 14, 2011 - 12:13 pm

Amber, I LOOOVE the photo of Chloe circling Aaron… It is amazing and I will absolutely have to drag the shutter at my next Jewish wedding!

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