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You make it real for me

It's been a long two weeks for me.  Since last Sunday, I've been to Las Vegas, New York City, Portland (Maine), Baltimore and Norfolk, Va.  I feel like I've been running around going crazy and I'm finally, finally back home - just in time for this weekend's photography.  But yesterday, after getting off my early morning plane ride, I got to come home to my husband and it is so nice to be able to relax. Here's something I find exceptionally beautiful about marriage (or "marriage"): George is my home and my safe place.  My respite.  I'm more me around him than I even am by myself. I guess I'm feeling "mushy" - as we like to say - this morning.  It's just so nice to be sleeping in my own bed, right next to my man. I took this photo of us in New York City, halfway through my travel adventures, and I think it pretty accurately reflects how I feel about the world right now.  I'm sure after some portrait work this afternoon, I'll start feeling a lot more centered and focused.  In the meantime, it's just good to be back with the hubs. reflection of george and me in nyc I've also been obsessing about this song by James Morrisson.  I've decided it will be a "first dance" type of song at the big 10-year anniversary party I've been planning.  We're only on year 2 so this party is going to be really seriously awesome.

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