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Random from the D80

I'm really hard on my cameras.  Lenses, I coddle to death but camera bodies get banged around, dropped, rattled, bumped.  And because I like to have a camera on me at all times, it tends to be the one that can sustain the most damage.  Therefore, my "bang around" camera is the D80, demoted from main camera to backup camera and finally to "oh, do I still have that?" camera.  So it sits in my purse and comes out when I'm bored or on the metro and cursing myself for not doing more street. Today I downloaded the files to see what was on there.  Snaps from a hotel tour, Jasmine Star from her little speaking thing a while back, metro shots and, well... cheese. little girl on the washington dc metrodc metro street photography Sooooo there was this cheese.  Moody Blue, made by Roth Kase.  I tasted this cheese at Cheesetique (a magical place, you must go if you are near!) and then it disappeared from their shelves.  Every time I took David (the best friend, not the husband - that's George, who hates cheese) to a cheese store, we would look for the cheese but it was nowhere to be found.  So for my birthday, the ever-intrepid David actually phoned Roth Kase and specially-ordered an entire block of the stuff.  Yes, folks, what you see here is a seven pound block of blue cheese. seven pound block of blue cheese Oh, that huge cake-like slice cut out of it?  That's the part I had consumed about a month after receiving the block.  At this rate, I estimate it will take me near two years to finish the cheese, accounting for vacations and getting tired of it and such.  In the meantime, isn't it kinda gross?!  You can see where they drilled in to put the mold in.  Fascinating!  Ah, cheese. It is one of life's supreme pleasures.

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Funnelcloud RachelApril 11, 2012 - 11:43 pm

A SEVEN pound wheel of blue cheese? Time for a wine and cheese party! Also, when can I come over?!!! I love Cheesetique, I love blue cheese, and I especially love that you have a giant wheel of it and that you took its portrait.

Also, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who abuses the heck out of their camera. My cameras take a beating and I lose my lens cap at least ten times a day. My first DSLR was a Nikon D40 which I would love to use as a backup/purse/beach camera except that I wore the shutter out and now it’s dead. Now I have a D7000, which I swore I would take better care of, but…bang, crash, bump…I figure if your camera isn’t getting abused it isn’t getting used enough, right? You can’t take pictures with it if it’s in it’s case!

P.S. Your husband hates cheese?!! This does not compute!

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