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Honestly, I should have done this post a month ago. I truly fear that a whole bunch of you will see this and go "I want an album" and barrage me with orders that I will be hard-pressed to fulfill by deadlines. However! Albums are so pretty and such a great way to keep wedding memories and photos in your life, that I am doing this post anyway and will work tirelessly for anyone who wants to make sure they get albums before the holidays (well, ok, Christmas. Hanukkah is so darn early this year, I couldn't possibly hope to meet that deadline). wedding-albums-washington-dc-8 I see my photography coverage as a three-step process: seeing, capturing and editing. Many people choose to get off the train at the second stop and complete the edits themselves (in terms of telling the story, not actually editing the images), which is totally fine, obviously. But lots of other people never get to that step and just leave images sitting in desk drawers or in my proofing gallery. The wedding album is the way to keep your wedding photos in your life. Plus, they are just so beautiful. I offer flushmount albums in 12x12 with leather or cloth cover options, with a standard 40 pages (20 spreads). My typical cover is a 3/4-bind leather with a vertical portrait or ceremony image, though I can do other options. My lab uses a paper that is both creamy and rich and very matte. Blacks are truly black and other colors pop deliciously. Everybody gets my before-booking price of $1325 (plus sales tax) for the next week but if you want your album in your hands by Christmas, you must get in touch with me before Wednesday, Nov. 6. In addition, if you want to order an album but don't care when it gets to you, I'll throw in three extra spreads for the same price and we'll get to work on those after the new year. Here are some albums I've produced recently. My apologies for the stained carpet - we don't have one of those houses filled with cutesy furniture and stuff to photograph things on! wedding-albums-washington-dc-rm-1wedding-albums-washington-dc-rm-3wedding-albums-washington-dc-rm-5wedding-albums-washington-dc-rm-6wedding-albums-washington-dc-rm-7wedding-albums-washington-dc-rm-8wedding-albums-washington-dc-rm-9 The process works like this: you can either tell me to have at it and I'll design from scratch, or you can pick out 20 or so images that are your must-haves. I'll build the rest of the album around those images. I also ask you to pick out the family images you want in the album and we'll discuss options for the cover. The whole thing takes about a month, start to finish, and another two weeks for shipping (ah, we're seeing why we need to get cracking right away!) wedding-albums-washington-dc-3wedding-albums-washington-dc-4wedding-albums-washington-dc-5wedding-albums-washington-dc-6wedding-albums-washington-dc-7 As you can see, I keep my designs simple and I love using big images. I'm showing a lot of big-image spreads, but your album will, naturally, have to have a lot of pages with smaller images, in order to tell the whole story and fit everything in. After I provide the first draft, you're welcome to make any changes you want. wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-1wedding-albums-washington-dc-9wedding-albums-washington-dc-10wedding-albums-washington-dc-11wedding-albums-washington-dc-12wedding-albums-washington-dc-13wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-2wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-3wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-4wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-5wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-6wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-7 This is a sample album, to show potential clients, so I got to do some spreads I probably wouldn't ordinarily get away with, like this one. If you are more into an artistic interpretation of your wedding, or just open to funkier stuff like this, please let me know! wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-8wedding-albums-washington-dc-la-9 Finally, I'm happy to offer a less expensive alternative to my big album, which I call my book. This is an 8x8 book with 60 images on 60 pages. It costs $550 for the next week for everybody. My lab produces these much faster than albums and ships them quickly, so you have about another week to decide if one of these is in your pre-Christmas future. wedding-albums-washington-dc-1wedding-albums-washington-dc-2 So get in touch with me as soon as possible if you want to order an album! I will probably have to limit the albums I work on to maintain sanity and keep promises. Drop me a line!

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