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Hi everyone! As most everyone visiting this website knows, I'm moving to Sweden. We leave in one month!! That means I need to get rid of everything I own. Most of my stuff is worthless, but I do have some camera gear and associated bits that I'm hoping to offload. I'll update this page as I sell things. Pickup for everything is in Shirlington (Arlington). If you're interested, drop me a line to amber@amberwilkie.com. Photobooth! (Almost everything you need to start marketing these to clients) $300. More info here. I'm willing to break this up at this point - if you're interested in just the photobooth countdown-shutter contraption, or just backdrops, etc. - let me know. © 2015 Amber Wilkie Photography | www.amberwilkie.com Blu-Ray Burner. $40 Bought this guy in 2012 for long-term backups of RAW files. Never had a problem with it. It's this one. © 2015 Amber Wilkie Photography | www.amberwilkie.com Westcott X-Drop in Blue / Slate pattern. $50. Just like this one but in the pattern shown below (no I never got around to ironing it). I have all the stuff that came in it, nothing wrong with it - but it is a little small for photobooths. Great for headshots or whatever. Screenshot 2015-10-13 16.47.59 Impact QuikBox folding softbox. $75. This one. Absolutely nothing wrong with this. Truth be told, I never used it on a shoot, though taking it out for the photo - I definitely should have and I am a gear idiot. © 2015 Amber Wilkie Photography | www.amberwilkie.com Two rolls of 5' White Seamless. $15/each. Mostly unused.  

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