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The Great American Road Trip

Surely by now you all know that we're moving to Sweden in January. But probably most of you also know we're headed out of town mid-November. What will we do in the meantime? I present to you: The Great American Road Trip. Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.25.59 AM Here's how it came about: we've got family and friends scattered throughout this great land. When we realized we'd never have the time or money to take little trips this year to go visit all of them, we determined the best plan of attack would be to take a massive end-of-the-year road trip to end all road trips. We'll see family in Florida, Houston and San Francisco, and also get to hit up friends everywhere in-between. Big, big bonus: we'll visit scads of U.S. destinations that we might otherwise never see, like Monument Valley, where we'll spend our sixth wedding anniversary. People ask me a lot: "are you excited about moving to Sweden?" And yes, yes, I really am. But first, I'm super-pumped to take this massive road trip across our great land. I even roped my best bud David into taking the first leg with me, so we can have a last hurrah before I ship off to the far north. So, United States! We are coming your way. We start Nov. 14 in DC and we wrap Jan. 8 in San Francisco. Do you have a friend along the way who needs some photos? Or maybe you just want to show me around your town. Or you have a space on your floor for George and me to crash on the way through town? Hit me up! We want to see everyone before we leave. I may not be back these ways for some time. Drop a line to amber@amberwilkie.com to talk about photos along the way. I'm not against money-making detours! We'll also gladly take any and all advice for nearby scenic routes, tourist traps, hiking trails, diners, food stands, taco trucks and anything else we should see on the drive. Finally, if you want to follow along with us, I'll be doing most of my posting to my Instagram account with the hashtag #greatamericanroadtrip. Come take a ride with us.

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StephenOctober 22, 2015 - 11:23 am

Very cool. I am very jealous.

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