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Stuff I Love | Soren

Soren is my car.  But he’s not just any car.  He is the only car I have ever owned, the car my parents and uncle bought me when I was only 16.  For me, Soren is the epitome of carness – he is what cars should be.  I drive him like a bus driver and I know exactly where his edges are.  There is no other place on earth that I have been with longer (I typed that not being sure that it’s true – but yes, it is!  I lived in my first house for 9 years, the next one for another 9 and have been moving every few years since then.)  I have driven Soren for 11 years now.

brenizer method car

Jimin & Teddy: Married! | Capitol Hill Club

A huge thank you to Cassidy DuHon for having me out to assist with Jimin and Teddy’s family-filled and boisterous wedding at the Capitol Hill Baptist Church and Capitol Hill Club!

Wedding and portrait photographer Amber Wilkie

wedding program at the capitol hill baptist church

I really liked Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  It was pretty big, but they had giant sliding wooden walls (on right) that separated different sections, giving a large church a more humble feel.  Plus, there was a great balcony to get in to take all kinds of photos from all kinds of angles.

wedding ceremony at capitol Hill baptist church

minister and bride and groom at capitol hill baptist church

Plus, I’m a real sucker for broken symmetry, so I loved the backdrop these wooden walls provided.

best man gives speech during church ceremony

I loved how Jimin and Teddy incorporated their families into the ceremony.  There was a specific point for the parents of each to come up and hug their children.  It was a lovely moment.

bride and groom hug parents of the bride