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Metro | Washington, DC

A few images from my metro travels this week.  I’ve been driving to work a lot more than normal over the past few months and it’s about time I started both saving the environment a few clicks, and getting a few clicks in for myself.

man reading a paper on the train

All of these images were taken at the L’Enfant Plaza metro station.  I’ve got a mix of blue, orange, green and yellow lines.

people in the metro washington, dc

man on the washington, dc metro

guy listening to music in washington, dc metro

oracle sign in l

little girl on the washington, dc metro train

Cherry Blossoms | Washington, DC Wedding Photographer

When I heard it was going to snow on the cherry blossoms, which only bloom for a little bit of time each year (and generally long after it’s stopped snowing), I got very, very excited.  When I couldn’t convince any of my friends or clients to get out this morning, I decided to go myself.  Sometimes you have to be your own bride.

Arlington wedding photographer

In the end, I was glad I couldn’t talk anyone into it because the one inch we were supposed to get was far closer to a dusting and had melted off by the time we got down there at 9am.  My vision was dashed and the sun was out – not what I had in mind!  But since we were out there in our wedding gear, we decided to go for it anyway.

Douglas PettwayMarch 27, 2011 - 9:08 pm

these are fantastic. love, love, love the B&W’s!

RehanMarch 28, 2011 - 5:38 pm

You are the only person I know who can rock a D80 like D3. Awesome work.