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Places | Winkler Botanical Preserve

Update Jan. 2012: A wonderful lady looking for a wedding venue for her daughter wrote me to let me know that Winkler does not rent out their lodge or their grounds for any reason, including weddings.  So look here no further for that… but it is still a nice place to walk around and would still make a nice spot for a portrait session.

It’s unlikely you’ve heard of Winkler Botanical Preserve.  First, it doesn’t have a website.  The park isn’t owned by the city and so doesn’t show up on those lovely parks sites I’ve been talking about.  My link there is to the Friends of Winkler group, which recently won their battle to prevent the park from being torn on down to make way for more condos – nice job Friends!  Second, the park is at the end of a completely nondescript street chock-full of apartment buildings.  I would never, in a million years, have thought to look for a botanical preserve down the street.  Indeed, the sign is completely grown over when you’re driving from the east.