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Maryland Day!

As George is soon to enter graduate school at the University of Maryland, we thought it wise enough to head on up for their annual Maryland Day.  Honestly, when we sat down to look over the booklet for the thing, we realized there were tons of tents and exhibits we wanted to visit and didn’t know how we would cram it all in!  It wasn’t as difficult to see everything as we thought, though, and we had a good old time checking out the University’s offerings.  Like ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

liquid nitrogen ice cream at maryland day!

ice cream made with liquid nitrogen

Truth is, I appreciate any demonstration that includes free ice cream.  And on the other side of the temperature scale, a fire tornado!!!  Seriously, I beg you to answer this question: what is cooler than a fire tornado? If you answer anything other than Chuck Norris, you are wrong.

fire tornado at the university of maryland

smoke cannon exhibit at the university of maryland

Places | National Gallery of Art – Modern Wing

The National Gallery of Art is a really sweet place on the National Mall.  If you live here, I’m sure you are already familiar with the museum and its enormous collection of some fantastic art.  If you live here and you haven’t been, I am tasking you to get to the damn museum this weekend!  It’s free for pete’s sake!

In other news, you can’t rent out any part of the museum for your wedding or other event.  Sorries.  But you can take pictures for personal use, so it would make a great place for a portrait session!  I am particularly fond of the modern wing – which has huge windows letting in brilliant, diffuse light, and lots of neato geographic pieces that make fantastic backdrops for the organic form of… you.

national gallery of art - roof

Amber & Food | Chiles Rellenos

Chile rellenos are amazing, delicious things. But boy are they a pain in the butt to make!  I always forget how time-consuming and annoying they are because I am blinded by the results.  And honestly, I don’t know how people manage to bread and fry them and keep them held together.  I can’t keep them together just sitting in a pan.

And naturally, as is my way, I forgot to take the after picture until I had already scarfed down an entire chile, so you’ll just have to settle for 3/4 of the end product:

final product - chiles stuffed with cheese, bacon

Neither did I take any along-the-way photos, so here’s what they looked like pre-melting:

chile rellenos - stuffed peppers uncooked

So without further ado, Chiles Rellenos Amber style:

You’ll need:

  • Poblano chiles
  • Your choice of (preferably white) cheese – I used sharp cheddar, which is not traditional, but worked fine.  Really any kind of cheese will do.  Never tried blue but it might work.