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Amber cooks | Strawberry Syrup & Multigrain French Toast

One of my favorite businesses is Best Buns, a lovely little bakery a block and a half from my house.  I love being able to stop off on the way home from work and pick up a beautiful baguette.  They’ve got lots of other tasty goodies as well – including a hearty multigrain bread.  I used it this weekend to make some very indulgent, but hopefully not too sinful, french toast.

french toast with strawberry sauce

You’ll have to forgive me about the recipe.  I’m not very good with measurements, particularly if I feel that they are unnecessary (which is most of the time, when I’m making dishes I can already pretty accurately produce).  Here’s where you start:

bread in the kitchen with other ingredients

You’ll need:

  • A beautiful loaf of bread.  You could bake your own or you could walk down to your bakery and buy a loaf.  This whole thing works better with a hearty, complex multigrain.

Stuff I Love: the library

The public library.  It is so awesome it’s almost unbelievable.  I won’t spend much time selling you on the reasons to visit a library.  If you’re anything like me, you’re already well versed.  If you’re not anything like me, you’re probably not reading my blog!  I’ll just tell you my all-time favorite library feature: holds.

If you are a card-carrying member of the Arlington system, you can put something like 75 books on hold at once.  Then they magically come from libraries throughout the system right to the library most convenient to you.  I like to put bestselling books, DVDs, popular nonfiction, etc. on my list – books that aren’t available now.  And then when they come available, it is like a present.  You never know when they’re coming, but they are!  Here’s George at Central – the biggest library in the Arlington system.

handsome guy at the library

Fall colors are so overrated

Yes things are turning from yellow/purple/pink/white to green-green-green, but I love the last stragglers that scream purple for just a couple extra weeks before giving up the ghost.

I grew up in California and we don’t get blossoming trees.  Period.  Trees are always green and sometimes drop a few brown leaves, but mostly stay chipper all year.  I had heard all about “fall colors” growing up, but no one ever raves about the Spring blooms.  Why?  Sorry but in my book, these trump.  A bit of the last of it until next year…