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Nabila & Navid: Married! | Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace

The groom came in on a horse.

Just wanted to let that one sink in, because it was just the start of the awesomeness of Nabila and Navid’s Bangladeshi wedding at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace. The outrageously talented Ayesha Ahmad had me along to second shoot their very beautiful Muslim ceremony. I got to see all kinds of traditions (always a special treat for me) and shoot this incredibly awesome groom-comes-in-on-a-horse thing. I’m going to suggest it to all my grooms – definitely a way to make an impression!

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groom on a horse triptych

black and white photo of groom on horse

groom dances on a horse

father of the groom dances

bengali groom surrounded by crowd

This hotel is right by the big tourist mall on the Baltimore harbor and so there were tons of tourists around, a bunch just standing staring at Navid and the procession. You don’t see this every day!

bengali groom comes in on a horse

little girl watches groom on horse

Marriage Thoughts | Keep your last name somewhere

I have a long list of “marriage thoughts” I always mean to write and never get around to.  George and I tied the knot in December 2009 so I’ve got solid 1.5 years of marriage experience, which is 1.5 years more than my about-to-be-married couples, making me incredibly wise, right?  In any case, there are some things I’ve learned about being married and I’d like to share with the engaged crowd. So here’s marriage tip #1:

Keep your maiden name somewhere.

I was very torn about the take-his-name or don’t-take-his-name dilemma.  On the one hand, I really liked my name before (Amber Lupin) – it’s just so symmetrical and it also creates great anagrams (Brian Plume, for instance).  On the other hand, George really wanted me to take his name.  We once had this conversation, which convinced me to do it:

SarahJune 30, 2011 - 10:38 am

That’s such a great idea – especially if you have a beautiful maiden name. Mine was so unwieldy (Wierenga) that I was happy to ditch it for something more sleek :)

Seattle hotel self-portraits

I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, traveling about, and some time ago I started taking self-portraits – often because I was bored, but also because hotel rooms frequently have great light.  They’re also an extremely clean and streamlined environment – great for portraiture.  I’ve posted several times before with new additions to the project.  You can see the whole set here.  I guess I got bored with doing them with clothes on, so a little semi-nude action for the blog!

wedding and portrait photographer Amber Wilkie

black and white self-portrait in hotel room

half-naked girl in seattle hotel room

Angel KidwellJune 27, 2011 - 8:27 am

I love your self portraits!