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Las Vegas Hotel Self-portrait

Y’all, you have to forgive me for the silence around here.  This week and the next two are solid travel for me, interspersed with weddings and engagement sessions!  I almost didn’t accomplish a self-portrait at the wondrous Bellagio…  but I did and here it is:

sexy self-portrait in hotel

self-portrait with curtains

self-portrait in bellagio hotel

black and white self-portrait

laughing in bellagio curtains

flinging hair in self-portrait

Las Vegas is a weird place.  It’s like Disney World for adults with money (though I suppose Disney World itself is a place for children with money).  Everything is immaculately detailed.  For instance, we had our conference at the Bellagio, where we also stayed.  They have these neverending series of hallways and meeting rooms back behind the hotel where most guests would never go.  I didn’t think too much about the decorations, until I got up early one day and took a walk.  There was an entire team of people putting together a floral display.  Each of the floral displays in the conference area was made of live flowers!  And they all had a different design *each time* they had to be replaced!  The attention to detail and thought that goes into decoration is both impressive and outrageous.

Norfolk Hotel Self-Portrait

I was at it again in Norfolk.  My most recent hotel self-portrait (and the whole set here):

black and white self-portrait in a hotel

And a couple of outtakes.

legs in a self-portrait

norfolk hotel self-portrait

For anyone interested in technical details, here’s my setup: camera rested on nightstand, 50mm.  Light obviously comes from the window, but it’s not direct – it’s bounced off the side of the building.  Sun is actually rising right behind me (outside, wise guy).  Building was kind of peach-colored, so in color my face and the couch is blown out.  In black and white, it’s very flattering light, don’t you think?

Tons and tons of traveling coming up in October, so hopefully I’ll have lots of additions to the project!

Julie NapearOctober 14, 2011 - 12:13 pm

Amber, I LOOOVE the photo of Chloe circling Aaron… It is amazing and I will absolutely have to drag the shutter at my next Jewish wedding!

Chloe & Aaron: Married! | Museum for Women in the Arts

The word stunning used to describe a wedding is cliched and trite.  But oh well.  Chloe and Aaron got married at the stunning National Museum for Women in the Arts. The always-talented Cassidy DuHon had me along to second shoot their gorgeous, elegant wedding.

bride having her makeup done

bride and her sister laughing before the wedding

mom tying her daughter

bride before the first look

bridesmaids flowers - white and green

groom doing the guns with purple tie

groomsman tying shoe

groom frame-in-a-frame

I’d never been to the NMWA so I didn’t know what I was getting into.  Holy moly, is this ever a wedding venue!

national museum for women in the arts

chairs at the national museum for women in the arts

chairs at the wedding ceremony

chuppah at national museum for women in the arts

bride coming down national museum for women in the arts staircase

Part of a Jewish wedding ceremony is circling around your just-for-a-few-minutes-more fiance, creating an area of protection. This is a long-exposure shot, and while Aaron stood still while Chloe circled him, she appears as a white blur – punctuated with the flashes. Pretty cool, right?

circling during Jewish wedding ceremony

The National Museum for Women in the Arts is a seriously amazing venue.