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Dinosaur Land! | White Post, VA

If you know me, you’ll know that I am quite literally thrilled by campy tourist stuff.  So imagine my joy when our little group of friends organized a trip to Dinosaur Land in White Post, VA.  And let me say right up front here, that if you chose to do your engagement session at Dinosaur Land, I would be not only incredibly impressed with you but would also totally not charge you travel fees and pretty much worship the ground you walk on.  Hire me for a portrait session here!  It will be so awesome!

(I feel compelled to tell you that Barbara is preggers but not that big – that would be lens distortion because I was shooting with the 24.)

barbara on king kong

My very best friend in the whole world (except for George, of course) just moved here last week.  So pumped to hang with him basically whenever possible.

Rich & Sean: Married! | Odyssey Cruises | National Harbor

Rich and Sean got married on a boat.  If I remember the speech correctly, the “biggest, gayest boat in all of Washington, DC.”  The party did not disappoint!  The ever-fabulous Cassidy DuHon had me out to second shoot this wild and crazy and very emotional event and then I took over for the dancing.  You’ll notice that I’m posting far far too many dancing shots.  Deal with it.

wedding photographer Amber Wilkie

The ceremony and reception took place on the Odyssey cruise boat, which was a pretty sweet venue, if you ask me.

odyssey cruise lines

Rich & Sean got ready at the nearby Hampton Inn at National Harbor.  We did all the normal formal stuff but I really like this little guy.  He was not feeling the pictures.

little boy crying during family formals

little boy reflected at hampton inn wedding, national harbor

pastor at national harbor wedding

groom on odyssey cruise wedding boat

putting on the bouttenieres

Awesome stuff to buy | A tale of two canvases

All my wedding (and portrait) coverage comes with full-resolution files on DVD or jump drive (thinking about switching to jump drives soon).  So why would anyone want to buy a canvas from me when they could just go online and order from the discount guys?  Well, that’s why I’m writing this post.  Like any good frugal girl, I scooped up a Groupon recently for a Cafe Press canvas – $39 for a 16×20 – what a steal!  And when it came, I was happy… for about 30 seconds.  I’ll show you why.  The Cafe Press canvas is on the right, a canvas ordered from my professional lab is on the left:

comparing canvases from professional lab and cafe press

(For full disclosure: the photo on the right comes from Scenic Las Vegas Weddings – yes we got married in Vegas – and the one on the left is courtesy of Tara Welch.)  They both look pretty good, right?  But take a look at the original files for both of these.  First, from Tara: