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Emily & Zach | Woodend Nature Sanctuary Wedding | Silver Spring, MD

Emily and Zach were married at one of my favorite venues in the area, Woodend Nature Sanctuary. Not ones to let a little rain get them down, they had an emotional and very sweet ceremony filled with tears and laughter and then danced the night away. These two really know how to take care of each other.


Big shout-out to Katie from The Plannery, who helped make Emily and Zach’s day totally beautiful and flawless. She is such a great planner, guys – hire her.


Thanks, as always, to the wonderful Julia for all the great extra angles and chilling-with-the-boys time.


The “bridal suite” at Woodend is really pretty and it has this ginormous mirror for excellent composition and also checking-yourself-out-ness.


A few hugs before Emily rushed off to first look.


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Sheetal & Ando | Springtime Washington DC engagement

Sheetal & Ando are getting married soon way on back home. DC is a temporary stop for them, so it makes sense for them to capture a slice of their pre-married life right in the District. We wanted to hit a lot of spots, so did an extended engagement session last weekend to sweep up some waterfront views, dog park action and one of the prettiest scenes DC has to offer – the magnolias in full bloom.


They brought along their little love puppy whose name is a Star Trek reference!


They met at sea! How romantic is that? Hence the maritime and water theme here.


We took the doggy to the Shirlington Dog Park to do some candid action.


Mardi Gras in New Orleans: A Photo Essay

I went to school in New Orleans and lived there for a bit after graduation. Katrina hit my senior year of college and I watched the city pick itself back up. New Orleans is a deeply personal place for me, but also a place I hardly know. When you go to college in a town, you really only experience life as a college student, and half of that through a silly self-induced drunken stupor.