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Happy third anniversary to my husband!

Y'all, I've mentioned how much I enjoy being married to George.  He's so freakin' rad.  On our first and second anniversaries, I wrote little ditties about how much I love him blah blah blah. And this year I don't feel compelled to do that. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing... as far as I can tell, in a successful marriage, you sort of settle into each other. So things don't seem extraordinary all the time - they're just really nice, really comfortable, really warm and loving and cozy.  Plus, I get to be married to this stud!  I love this image I snapped of my man at Chris and Shubha's wedding earlier this year. That's my guy. In the dork-ass constellation tie I bought him that he actually loves and wears all the time. Neither of us believe in soul mates. In fact, we both believe that the idea of soul-mates is overwhelmingly depressing, considering that there are billions of people on this earth. No, probably a whole bunch of people - perhaps even some I already met - would have also made good life partners. But every day I spend with George, he becomes more and more the only person I could possibly see myself with. So I guess that's what I mean by growing into each other. You become so familiar, so close, that person really does develop into your soul mate (yeah, thanks for the speech and all Dad... oy). So then! Happy third anniversary to my kick-ass husband. Now we're off to go watch nerdy movies and eat tons of fancy foods.  Yesss!

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Happy anniversary to George!

George and I are not ordinarily very sentimental people - perhaps me even more so than him (actually, now that I think about it - definitely I am less sentimental). Yesterday, we were supposed to celebrate our second anniversary at a reasonably fancy restaurant. I ditched him to go second shoot a wedding. But here's the thing - George was totally on-board. He wasn't even mad, and we've rescheduled our dinner. (All photos from this post are big thanks to wedding photographer Angel Kidwell, who photoed George and me recently in our neighborhood). anniversary photo of me and george And I was about to say it's one of my favorite things about "us", but there are just so many many things I love about us. But this is one: we are an eminently practical couple. We will literally discuss the total benefit or inconvenience to our unit for a given situation to determine the course of action. This makes it sound like we don't have fun - which we do - but we've sorta faced up to what is actually fun for us (random adventures, board games, cooking) vs. what we're supposed to think is fun (going to loud bars/clubs, movies, the beach). We're just two years in and some before that, but we've been stripping away what is not good for us and building a life of stuff that is great. Too many things to say about George, so I'll just share a little family anecdote and hope it tells you something about who we are. We're wine drinkers. Not fancy-schmancy wine-store wine. No, we drink Trader Joe's wine. And we exclusively drink the $4-$6 bottles because I read somewhere that they are actually much more expensive wine when sold under private label. And who can tell expensive wine from cheap wine anyway? In any case, we drink wine on a regular basis. And after dinner, where I've been dutifully sipping my glass, we'll retire to our "living area" (there are no "rooms" in our efficiency) and I'll bring the wine. And never touch it after that. But every single morning after we've been drinking wine, I'll be putzing around and find two empty wine glasses. Two because at some point the previous night, my husband finished off my wine. He didn't ask or make a big deal out of it - he just picked up my glass and finished it off. To me, that is something very intimate and sweet - that he a) knows me well enough to know that I won't finish the wine, b) knows I want the wine to be consumed, so as to reduce waste and best yet c) doesn't bother to ask if I'm done. To me, this is the best part of marriage (or any long-term partnership) - you get to know this other person so well. I thought I knew George soooo well a year ago. But I know him much better now. I can't imagine what our relationship will be like in five years, ten years, fifty years. I'm pretty pumped about it, really. So to my enormously gracious husband, who supports absolutely everything I am and want to be, happy anniversary! It rocks having you on my team.

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