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Personal: So Much Random Stuff

I haven’t done a personal post in ages. I get behind. It happens. Actually, I’ve just yesterday evening come back from a trip to Madrid and I leave next week for The Netherlands and England! I thought to myself: self, put up those Madrid photos before you get slammed with the next batch of travel photos. Except, I have three months’ worth of other crap from various travels and adventures that I haven’t posted. So instead of “hey, I just got back from Madrid!”, you get a bunch of random stuff. Enjoy!

In chronological order, just cuz:


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A party of epic proportions

If you were wondering how awesome my life is when I’m not photographing weddings, this post should put that question to rest. In the midst of December, with holidays looming large and many presents still to buy, some of my dearest friends and I gathered for a party of epic proportions. There was Dom Perignon from 1992. There were caviar and salmon rillettes. There were hand-written menus (that I did not photograph, but I did hand-write). It was mandatory tie – for everyone.

We were eating through all the foods and wines David and Carrie had been saving – hence the foie gras and caviar and things. The salmon rillettes I demanded. We had them during my wedding weekend way back on when at Buchon. We have been unable to repeat them exactly, though this time we came much closer.

I’m in a tie too, just wanted to show.

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Happy third anniversary to my husband!

Y’all, I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy being married to George.  He’s so freakin’ rad.  On our first and second anniversaries, I wrote little ditties about how much I love him blah blah blah. And this year I don’t feel compelled to do that. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing… as far as I can tell, in a successful marriage, you sort of settle into each other. So things don’t seem extraordinary all the time – they’re just really nice, really comfortable, really warm and loving and cozy.  Plus, I get to be married to this stud!  I love this image I snapped of my man at Chris and Shubha’s wedding earlier this year.

That’s my guy. In the dork-ass constellation tie I bought him that he actually loves and wears all the time.

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