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Photobooth Fun 2014 Version

My photobooth has been a big hit this year. I upgraded some things from last year, worked out the kinks and even got some new backdrops (gold sparkle!) Info about adding on a booth to your own wedding at the end of the post. Also, forgive me the watermark. Making them pretty for the website is a lot more work than I'm willing to put into this everybody-buy-a-photobooth post. Whacky photobooth pictures: Kelly-Roberto-photobooth-fb-size-37Kelly-Roberto-photobooth-fb-size-161Sarah-Jordan-photobooth-fb-size-4Sarah-Jordan-photobooth-fb-size-50Sarah-Jordan-photobooth-fb-size-83Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-21Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-98Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-138Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-166Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-200 Gold sparkle is new as of July. I now have THREE beautiful backdrop options: gray damask (shown above), gold sparkle (shown below) and brown damask. Laura-Brian-photobooth-fb-size-4Laura-Brian-photobooth-fb-size-34Laura-Brian-photobooth-fb-size-71Laura-Brian-photobooth-fb-size-103 So, obviously you want one at your wedding now, right? Here's the infos:
  • I don't have the ability to print on-site, which is a bummer. But! A few days after the wedding (same week), I'll get the images processed and up in a gallery where guests can download high-res versions for free. They can do whatever they want with them - post on the Facebooks and print and things like that.

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Photobooth fun!

So earlier this year, I introduced photobooths into my offerings and they have been a huge hit. As soon as I get 100 of my closest friends and family together, I'll be setting one up for myself. Until then, I get to live vicariously through the hilarious messages, drunken antics and adorable kid action at my clients' weddings. From Liz & Zach's wedding: Liz-Zach-photobooth-21Liz-Zach-photobooth-35Liz-Zach-photobooth-92 From Miriam & R.J.'s wedding: Miriam-RJ-photobooth-10Miriam-RJ-photobooth-20Miriam-RJ-photobooth-55 And, you know, obviously the photographers are going to get into the mix too. Miriam-RJ-photobooth-76 And then Kate & Daniel's wedding, where I was really glad they snagged the free photobooth, because I learned that day that the photobooth must be indoors. It was so windy at their wedding, my backdrop kept blowing over, and I had to tie my lights quite forcefully to one of the poles holding up their tent. No matter, they had a pretty solid backdrop anyway. Kate-Daniel-photobooth-12Kate-Daniel-photobooth-58Kate-Daniel-photobooth-34 If you want to add a photobooth to your coverage, just drop me a line! 2014 Photobooth pricing is $500 and includes props, high-resolution files for printing and another set for posting on Facebook and the like. I'll get everything up on the interwebs within a week of the wedding. Let's do it!

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Bobbie & Tim | Photobooth!

Bobbie and Tim were the first couple to opt for my newly-introduced photobooth and there's no denying it was an enormous hit at their wedding. They and their guests took 955 images, all told. Here are a few of my favorites: wedding photobooth images photobooth at a wedding images from a wedding photobooth photobooth image from a wedding wedding party photobooth And, what fun is providing a photobooth if you can't get on it with one of your favorite planners ever? And for all my wedding clients! If you want photobooth pictures of your very own, just drop me a line and we'll hook it up. I provide everything, including the backdrop (the one you see here) and props, but you're more than welcome to supply your own or do a DIY backdrop (and I have some ideas!) I'm still rocking the introductory pricing of $400, including upload to Facebook within a week of the wedding, for a limited time etc. etc.

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